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I want to feel the earth so I decided to walk barefooted and enjoy my moment with the nature…  Cosne-sur-Loire, France.  July 27, 2014


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France… Food… Fire

 France…  Paris

You know the feeling when your plane finally landed and you felt the wheels touched the ground?  Oh, you would say, “Thank God, I’m here!” And how you would like to clap your hands to express how wonderful was your flight.  Have you ever felt that way?  Well, with me…  Almost all the time…  :)


This is one of the images that are posted on the walls at the baggage claim area (Aeoroport charles degaulle)

So last 3 days ago V picked me up in the airport and before we headed to our hotel, we decided to have our lunch first.  We passed this Chinese Restaurant where we dined sometime last year, so that I asked him if we would be having some chinese food for lunch.  But V suggested that we should go to an Italian Restautant this time, to where we haven’t had gone before, and it was like two blocks away from the  Chinese Restaurant.


I really enjoyed my food plus the wine of course…

IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012

IMG_0019 IMG_0020

Then smoke all over…  We could smell the fire…


And you know where was the fire?

Oh you wouldn’t believe it, but The Chinese Restaurant was on fire.  So I took my camera right away and started shooting… The Firemen came to the rescue at once!

I gathered that the fire started in the kitchen.

Well, I did not catch the fire because it was put out so quickly by the firefighters and here are some of the photos I shot:

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0026 IMG_0029 IMG_0032 IMG_0036 IMG_0039 IMG_0045 IMG_0050
IMG_0063 IMG_0064


Anyways that night V and I were also on Fire in our Hotel


And here we were the following day in front of our apartment getting ready for our trip to Center France…


 July 26, 2014

*** As of the moment we are back  to Paris and we are getting ready for our  next trip to Barcelona on Wednesday,  I just took this time to update you with our Duets Music Passion

and to update you with my one week holiday :) Stay tune for more fun guys…  I love you, mmmwahhhh

Enjoy Duets Music Passion Entries


 ISLANDS IN THE STREAM by Yours Truly adollyciousirony    Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer – No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Roy Sexton (Reel Roy Reviews)     Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Don’t Want To Talk About It by:  LoveBytesOnAir     Ikaw Ako Siya by Janno Gibbs, Jaya & Jonalyn Viray  […]

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Smiling Thoughts…

Forever Youthful

      When I met you I tasted life Like a bud, I blossom, I breathe Never again would I strife For your love and care are so deep Smiling thoughts of you conquered me In the morn when I make my coffee, When I eat, or laugh you’re with me, And everywhere it’s […]

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Arts And Haiku


      Keep dreaming, don’t quit! Everything is possible and I love  donut  by Tiffanie King   never let me go she said in her dream to me but it was too late by yepiratemanagua   Long left and forgotten In sinful heart still waiting For your warmth and light by AshiAkira        […]

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Sunday Bloody Sunday (One Blood)

Featured Image -- 19865

Originally posted on About Sound and Vision:
Bono and Blige – One Once again it’s Sunday Morning. This month on All About Lemons Music Passion the focus is on duets. As this blog focuses on Mixed Media, I decided to do a post devoted to Bono‘s attempts to meld his wonderful take on Pop/Rock with…

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Just Another Manic Monday

You Crack Me Up

   Fun Weekdays Everyone! mmwahhh!

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Inside The Hummingbirds’ World

Featured Image -- 19852

Originally posted on allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe:
Hummingbirds are among nature’s most fascinating creatures. This great link came from an authentic hummingbird lover and a good friend to all. Hummingbird Enjoy Your Weekend Everyone!

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For The Love Of Haiku 41

Gorgeous Glow

Gorgeous Glow An invitation Gaze and embrace the beauty Perfect contentment by Mark Armstrong   I call on all Haiku lovers out there to join us and share with us your haiku ingenuity . Let’s go guys and have fun  ***To those who  wish to share their Haiku with us but have no time to post […]

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A Very Toothsome Story In The Blogging World

angry birds

… and a  fun way to bond with your  computer peers, wouldn’t you agree?  :) Yep, when you click “says” after each author’s name, you’d be able to explore their world.  But some of them are no longer available. Anyways I had fun knowing them and they are all delightful people.  Enjoy blogging everyone! mmmwahhhh […]

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July Music Passion In Duets Update

And we want more… :)  ISLANDS IN THE STREAM by Yours Truly adollyciousirony    Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer – No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Roy Sexton (Reel Roy Reviews)     Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Don’t Want To Talk About It by:  LoveBytesOnAir     Ikaw Ako Siya by Janno […]

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Tooth Of The Day


Relationship   *** Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things. Keanu Reeves *** “I mean, if the relationship can’t survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?” ― Nicholas Sparks *** “Well, it seems to me that the best relationships – […]

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More Selfies With Photoshop


It’s EED here.  The Holy month.  I prefer to spell it “EED” rather than “EID” as it commonly spelled.  Because when you reverse it, it would read like Die. During this month we usually work in the night and it gives me some time to take some selfie pics of me and at the same […]

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Music Passion — Duets

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My music passion for July is Two Daughters of this Aged Stream: a duet from Act IV of the opera King Arthur written by the English baroque composer Henry Purcell in 1691. The libretto for this opera is based on a poem written by Sir John Dryden in celebration of King Charles II’s reign.…

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Tooth Of The Day

Featured Image -- 19796

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Stumble *** Stumbling is not falling. Malcolm X *** Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. Winston Churchill *** Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast. William Shakespeare…

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