Updating Toothsome Story Game 1

 Mark Armstrong says:

a truck full of donuts…

 Linda says:

. . . pulled up outside Al’s house . . .

  gigoid says:

 leaking glazed all bran crullers…

 willowdot21 says:

which delighted all the birds.

 Mrs. Peacock of The Madame’s Tea Party  says:

Al however was rather perturbed.

and grinningbear1980 says:

” Don’t know how to tag another blogger.

Not as many options when you only have a phone and no computer.

Skip me please.”


Okay grinningbear1980  your request is granted :)

And  So Toothsome Story Game 1 goes on…

To review , here is the story  now;

Once upon a Toothsome Day,

a truck full of donuts

pulled up at Al’s house,

leaking glazed all bran crullers

which delighted all the birds.

Al however was rather perturbed.


I Tag  Jeff Whelan
to continue the story in 5 words

and he too will tag one of his blogger friends or followers

to continue the story with their 5 words, and so on and on and the story goes on :)

Please Click Toothsome Story Game for more details.
Merci beaucoup!

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  1. Jeff Whelan says:

    Thanks for tagging me in on this, Dolly. Hope I did it right! Here’s the link to my addition http://jeffwhelan.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/my-first-addition-to-the-toothsome-story-game/. :-D

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