Updating Toothsome Story Game 2

carolynpageabc says:

the light shone on Harry’s…

 Phil says:

fine threads as he strutted…

  Resa says:

into a movie’s wardrobe truck.

  billgncs says:

Only to find his pantleg


 talktodiana says:

…anxiously, he looked around for…

and  rheath40 of  Rendezvous with Renee is it :)

But unfortunately, I believe my messages to Rendezvous with Renee went straight to spam :(
like the others… so please check out your spam folders and save me from there :) Merci!

And Toothsome Story Game 2 goes like this:

Once upon a Toothsome Day,

the light shone on Harry’s

fine threads as he strutted

into a movie’s wardrobe truck.

 Only to find his pantleg

anxiously, he looked around for…


and so to continue  now with our Toothsome Story

I tag you!

The first commenter to write down his/her 5 words in the story below will be our next blogger

who would be it to tag another blogger  to tell us his or her 5 words of story

and then he or she will tag another bloggers and so on and on and the story goes on :)

I hope this will work…  hahaha

Come on guys, let’s all have fun!

Please Click Toothsome Story Game for more details.
Merci beaucoup!

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