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Wow! Truly, how good it is to share the love of giving…

Watch these Amazing Videos! And experience the spirit of Christmas :)


WestJet Christmas Miracle



Miracles really do happen.

And Happy Christmas! :)




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Thanks to all of you who continue to stay with me up to this time.  I love you all!

Aw! So Adorable!


Don’t you all agree?

How about you,my dear  Rumpy? What do you think?




Christmas countdown continues…


Joyeux Noël- Merry Christmas

Originally posted on French Talk:


How to say  Merry Christmas” in French

Wham! – Last Christmas

Last Christmas” is a song by British pop duo Wham!, released on Epic Records in 1984, on a double A-side with “Everything She Wants“. Originally written and produced by George Michael, it has been covered by many artists since its original release.



Mon beau sapin

***  Source: AllAboutalemonGoogle Images and YouTube

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Everyday Is Christmas

christmas photo
December is here
Adorn my tree high and low

What a Christmas glow

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Last minute present,
Daddy’s Christmas Eve bank heist.
He can’t stand shopping.

Christmas daze is here

Lingering each midnight clear

Starry, starry night


cold winter is born
bright though are our feasting hearts
for ’tis Christmas time


 Christmas time a Haiku | Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library

Christmastime is here
A time for giving, right? So…
Give me a donut!


“Christmas Tree” For The Love Of Haiku 

199,000 Credits

Originally posted on amaryav:

Perhaps months or almost a year that I was not active in creating 3D products lately.

And today I thought to visit my shop and I was surprised that I earned 199,000 credits! WOW!

3 years ago I created a dress for me only-


Summer Cocktail Dress

for 110,495 credits. (99,440 credits for discounted price)

I used to do this to some of my products if I choose to have them exclusively only for me.  In this way, no one would like to buy credits that much.

And whoaa! To my surprise, 2 Summer Cocktail dresses were sold!




With so much excitement I went partying with my love and matched my dress with my

Flora shoes

for 2,940 credits only

sales: 1





Hhmmm suddenly, it inspires me to create again :)

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Tooth Of The Day




“I just wished it’s still summer!”



Being cool is being your own self, not doing something that someone else is telling you to do.


“See the bowtie? I wear it and I don’t care. That’s why it’s cool.”
Steven Moffat


I’m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I’m definitely an individual.


Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.


Keep a cool head and maintain a low profile. Never take the lead – but aim to do something big.


To create well I have to be in a good mood, happy and cool.

“I wear my cool on the inside; that’s why my hands are always so cold.”
Dia Reeves
“Secrets…are the very root of cool.”
William Gibson

Wear a smile and be cool!

I love you guys!

I love you guys!

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Tooth Of The Day





“Celebrate Thanksgivukkah with your true friends
who don’t care if your family is filled with crazy people”
― Tooth Of The Day- True Friend


“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”
Oscar Wilde


“I like football. I find its an exciting strategic game.
Its a great way to avoid conversation with your family at Thanksgiving.”
Craig Ferguson


Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.
Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling.
Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.


If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.


“Not what we say about our blessings,
but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.”
W.T. Purkiser


“The funny thing about Thanksgiving ,or any big meal,
is that you spend 12 hours shopping for it
then go home and cook,chop,braise and blanch.
Then it’s gone in 20 minutes and everybody lies around
sortof in a sugar coma and then it takes 4 hours to clean it up.”
Ted Allen
There is one day that is ours.
Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.


Happy Thanksgivukkah!

I love you guys!

I love you guys!

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Sun Salute

Featured Image -- 20680

Originally posted on I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots:

Be Your Own Sunshine


Be Happy… Express YourselfBe HappyExpress yourself

Share Bliss to the World!


Be Your Own Sunshine
Be Happy… Express Yourself
Share Bliss to the World!

Dagupan Beach, November 2013

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Souvenir Surprise

Featured Image -- 20669

Originally posted on amaryav:


Made with…Stephanie 6 Pro Bundle – See more at:

Souvenir Surprise
Loving the Belgian t-shirts
Beautiful …  Strange


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Featured Image -- 20665

Originally posted on amaryav:


Made with… Jaime Character and Hair Stephanie 6 Pro Bundle – See more at:

“Love is elusive.
It is an inner emptiness that fills.
The beauty found through the eyes of another.
It is living in the present for the future, burning the past.
This is the only way to feel alive. “

de Rose


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Arrow Shooting

Featured Image -- 20648

Originally posted on allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe:

I know you all miss our regulars… the Music Passion, For The Love Of Haiku and most especially our ART GAME…

And we will all have them back as soon as the month of September enters.

We just got back from West France to Paris last  night… and tomorrow we are bound to travel again to Bruxelles for a wedding.  And then Saturday to Center France.

Je suis désolé for the Art Game…  We’ll play soon promise.  I miss it too :)

For now I like to share with you  some photos taken in West France.  I enjoyed my stay so much in West France. And this was one of the activities or adventures I just did there… More to share on a later date :)

The Arrow Shooting

First, I practiced shooting arrow using the light bow…

And then my great teacher Big Tyty (the best friend and brother of…

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French Alphabet – Alphabet français

Featured Image -- 20638

[New post] Photography 101, Weekend Two: Play With Light

The Orples swimming in the Red Sea.

Originally posted on orples:

Say ‘Thank You, Dolly’, for providing a photograph for this challenge. While Dolly ( is playing with lighting effects, the orples and I are swimming in the Red Sea.

The Orples swimming in the Red Sea.

The Orples swimming in the Red Sea.

These two will swim anywhere. Olivia, being a lady, didn’t want to start without her hostess, but Oscar didn’t want to wait. I think we should go visit the neighbors until Dolly shows up to swim with us. If anyone else would like to come along, let me know and I’ll add your name to my ‘to go list’. Remember when you go into the archives from here, this will be the first post you see, so please keep toggling down to see what comes next. For those of you who don’t already know, if you’d like to leave a comment, just click the title to open an individual post…

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Street Artist

Originally posted on allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe:

Street Artist Edgar Mueller..Wikipedia Born: 1968, Mülheim, Germany
Edgar Müller is considered one of the best known street painters in the world.
Source: Goggle images, Metanamorph

Hard to believe that these are drawn on a FLAT sidewalk surface…  

Enjoy, while drinking your favorite cup of coffee or tea!

He spent 5 days working 12 hours a day to create a 250 square meter image of the crevasse which viewed from the correct angle appears to be 3D. He then persuaded the passers-by to complete the illusion by pretending the gaping hole was real.
He said, “I wanted to play with positives and negatives to encourage people to think twice about everything they see. It was a very scary scene but when people saw it  they had great fun playing on it and pretending to fall into the earth.I like to think that later when they returned…

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French Alphabet – Alphabet français


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