Red Sea Weekend Fun

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Time to get sanibelized… Sand, beach, get lazy! Red Sea weekend fun! Time to get sanibelized Sand, beach, get lazy! Taken in Red Sea, Jeddah, November 7, 2014

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Tooth Of The Day

Risk Management

Risk *** “The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.” ― Chuck Palahniuk *** “Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To […]

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The Path

fairy bird

 by William Buhlman Author of: Adventures in the Afterlife (NEW !!) Adventures Beyond the Body The Secret of the Soul Have you experienced to have an adventure beyond your body? Well, you have nothing to lose if you try :) *** Note: Storage Space left for this blog is 15%  from 3,072 MB Space Allowed […]

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Ne T’inquiète Pas- Don’t Worry

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  How to say “Don’t Worry” in French VIDEO – Aaron – U-turn (Lili) – BO Je vais bien ne t’en fais pas Musique du film, “je vais bien ne t’en fais pas” “I’m fine do not worry” Courage à tous ceux qui ont perdu un être cher… ne jamais perdre espoir,…

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L’amour- Love

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  How to say “Love” in French Natasha St-Pier – Quand On Cherche L’Amour Natasha St-Pier (born 10 February 1981 in Bathurst, New Brunswick; raised in Edmundston from age two) is a Canadian singer of Acadian origin. She was coach in the 2nd and 3rd season of The Voice Belgique (The Voice…

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Félicitations- Congratulations

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How to say  “Congratulations” in French   ***  Source: Google Images and YouTube Related Articles:

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All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat – The Cemetery


      Casper in chain at the Art Game Cemetery? by Kim of SilentlyHeardOnce Oh creepy hand by Jeff ! And Skeleton Knight Lover by adrienne warren over at drinking tea with an empty cup Beauty in the night Skeleton Knight Lover Scary Hallow Tiffanie King         Ghost by Guiguoz   Gravestones […]

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All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat- Let’s Have Halloween Party

guiguoz-the-smiling-shrek (1)h

With this image below we added our own images or real faces.  In this photo that was me taking the apple from this witch statue. Have fun in this Art Game Halloween Party. This photo was taken during my travel in Center France last July 2011. Click  Musee de la Sorcellerie to see more photos :) […]

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All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat- Haunted Hotel Lobby


Haunted Hotel Lobby   A Ghoul Is Inside The Art Game’s Haunted Hotel… Watch Out! by Thoughts Of My Brain     A Corpse Bride Waits For Her Groom by Spoiled Brat   The Blue Ghost by Guiguoz Frozen…speechless… Phantoms roam… haunted Hotel! Misty blue she swirls… Tiffanie King A happy looking purple spider to trick you… :) […]

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All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat – Haunted Town


Looks like the Haunted Town now has a welcoming committee of sorts by Jeff Wellan and A Giant Cat Is Watching Over Too by Thoughts Of My Brain     Beware When The Reaper Calls… by Chlly   The Angel’s Death by Guiguoz A Witch On Broomstick Flying Across Art Game’s Haunted Town by Toothsome …and she says, […]

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All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat- The Old Room

The Witch

Yike! The Art Game’s Old Room Is Full Of Bats! by Chlly Hoggle welcomes you to our Art Game’s Old Room…. by Jeff Whelan :) OMG! A Bloody Hand On Floor In The Art Game’s Old Room… by Spoiled Brat Purple haze my brain Mystic…  bloody hand on floor! Hoggle’s secret trick Tiffanie King The Art Game’s […]

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All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat – The Haunted House


Hello folks!  A yearly celebration of All Hallows’ Eve or commonly known as Halloween is fast approaching, so here is a treat to all of you – A week of some of the goodies from my Art Game Players…  Enjoy! *** Image contributed by Chlly And I goggled an image to add on it.  I looked for […]

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Acapella Music Passion Update

adollyciousirony Pentatonix’ Love Again     Lady Gaga – Born This Way Acapella   David Guetta ft. Usher “Without You” / Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait” A Cappella Mashup by Noteworthy       Ave Maria En Francais Acapella Music Passion by Guiguoz     Only You  by LoveBytesOnAir Only You (The Platters)    Haul AwayJoe […]

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Bon Retour- Welcome Back

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Originally posted on French Talk:
How to say “Welcome Back” in French   ***  Source: Google Images and YouTube Related Articles:

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Something More


Today’s Cafe Siesta is to inspire each and everyone of us…     Have Courage And Be Inspired! Because… If there were barriers to success, this brave young man has never heard of them… despite his own limitations. There can never be a greater example of courage… Once again let’s drink up our favorite coffee […]

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