Taken with Strange Musical Note

I am like in the dark room
where I patiently roam
With eyes open wide
but sightless I ride

Hear only charms of sound
nowhere else bound

But the amazing is
this noise of note bliss
It calms all my fear
all blessed dreams felt near

In this moment of hope
I trust, I wonder, I cope
This fresh note not a ghost
It found me when I was lost

Out from this rocky road
Music plays, voices blend
Sunshine sheers as gold!

Long Distance Love Gallery



  1. A very nice piece of poetry my friend 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    • Thanks for liking this poem… Does it sound like a ghost to you? Perhaps? But in this poem it’s a friendly ghost. 🙂 I understand you like goth, vampires, and zombies, hehehe

      • A friendly ghost is very nice my friend,
        and yes I do like Vampires, Zombies,
        Ghouls and Skeletons too.

        As for Goth, well I am Gothic so yes I
        do like the Goths also 🙂

        Have a wonderful Monday my friend 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

  2. timotheous128 says:

    This is beautiful, Dolly! Thank you for liking/subscribing to my blog; if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have read such a wonderful treat. 🙂

  3. Thanks! I appreciate you all for liking this post… 🙂

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