Art Game “Enchanted”

This game can be played by 2 or more players.  It is about art.  This game helps you to be more creative and artistic.  You will learn to see what is beyond in a picture.  Together as we go on with our art game we would later discover how talented we all are and at the same time we could learn about ourselves, our thoughts, our deep feelings and some hidden magics that we could have never imagined that we already have were all just kept within us and are now ready to come out so that the whole world will know that Life is beautiful….

Remember “Sharing Is Caring” 🙂

This is fun, would you like to join me?

I will give you first an example of a picture before the game started.  I go t this picture from google.  I searched “flower and butterfly” image.  I chose this one.

And after the game here it is:

We were only 2 players in this Art Game.  I added a lady on a horse while Vincent added a fairy.  It was fun and then later we called it… “Enchanted Moments”

Our first image or picture in this game could be found in my ART GAME page.

To participate in this game, click on ART GAME.

Every Wednesday I will post a new image for us to play with.

Everyone is welcome to participate.  Once you added an image or picture on it feel free to post it on your blog and link it to ART GAME page.  Always have your post titled “ART GAME”.  Each participants must add image one at the time.  Check the guidelines of the game here: ART GAME.   You can add some haikus or poem on your image as you like but this is optional.  We can all use our imagination and have fun with it.

After a week I will post the finish product, linking all the bloggers who participated and then we are ready for another image to begin with.

This is not a competition it is just merely for our fun in blogging.  It would serve as a challenge though, hehehe, which is the good thing in it. Right? 🙂

OK.  Are you with me?  I would highly appreciate if you all are.  I love you guys!

I thank God that I met you all here in this blogosphere.

Enjoy and keep on blogging 🙂

Click ART GAME to start… Let’s go and have fun!



  1. Beautiful!!– tho I feel kinda sorry for that nice lady, having that flower stuck in her face. Gosh, I hope she doesn’t have allergies… : )

  2. I love those pictures, they are beautiful. How creative!

  3. Thats really cool! A wonderful way to play with pictures!!

  4. Nothing like expanding your readers’ minds, is there? Good for you!

  5. I like to play with art and photography, but graphic design is beyond me. Love what you’re doing though!

  6. Heyyy, thanks for visiting my blog… and I just stopped by to tell you: I love your Art Game. I’m in. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh wow. Those are some stunning colors!

  8. Thanks for the re-blogged, I appreciate this 🙂


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