To Dog Lovers, here’s another treat to all of you! Enjoy!


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Looking at my dogs puts me in an introspective mood

I have the chance that three dogs consider me as their master. I did very little to deserve this non academic distinction: I only bought them at a very high price to a dog breeder of pure race cocker, I give them very expansive croquettes twice a day and I’m out with them in the cold in winter and in the suffocating warm air in summer four times a day, the last walk occurring at night with some time strange people wandering around. But anyway I accept the distinction that they gave to me in considering me as their master.
Living under the same roof with my three dogs (cockers) taught me some fundamental things:
The following behaviours or spirit features are far from being specifically human: a) sense of property, b) jealousy, c) loose of all rationality when it…

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  1. I love Cockers! I’ve had two in my life and they were the best! Wow they do keep you busy though, however judging from the picture they’re worth it!

  2. What an honor! thank you so much for redirecting my three dogs to your blog!

  3. Absolutely love some of these pics!!

  4. Thanks for dropping in and visiting my site. Your pictures made me smile, many thanks!

  5. Thank you for a lovely start to the day!

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