Man Accepted In Lion Pride… Unbelievable! contrib by Ronald Lewis

The bonding between man and lion is simply


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  1. I’ve been to Africa 4 times, and to a number of other places for watching wildlife. Lions are among the most loving creatures I’ve ever seen. The hardest part of going on safari is NOT getting out of the vehicle and lying down with the sleeping lions. They’re just so cool, often with each touching at least one other lion.

    If I thought I had any reasonable chance of being accepted into the pride, I would not hesitate for a second to get out and lie down with them. Of course, I’ve also seen two males sleeping, or so I thought, and a quarter of a mile away someone got out of the vehicle to pee. It was too far for the lions to actually attempt an attack. But, the “sleeping” lions were instantly bolt upright at full attention watching the people in the distance.

    I doubt I could get away with trying to be accepted into the pride, especially on one short trip. That knowledge is the only thing that keeps me in the vehicle.

    That said, I do have a wide angle photo showing myself and my wife 1.8 meters eye-to-eye with a young male who lay down in the shadow of the vehicle on a hot day. The vehicle was totally open with nothing stopping the lion from jumping in, other than that they are so habituated to the vehicles. I had to pass the camera to the trip leader to take the photo. Good thing he was a professional photographer. It’s one of my favorite photos from any trip.

    For the record, I had the camera with 400mm lens focused on his eye (hence my knowledge of the distance) and was just waiting the 1/2 second for image stabilization. He turned away before I clicked. I don’t have that photo. If I’m ever that fortunate again, I will take the picture even if it looks like crap.

    Regardless, it’s one of my most precious memories.

    Thanks for sharing the great video. I plan to do likewise for my readers. Note that this shows not only how loving the lions are, but the intelligence required to overcome instinct and accept a member of another species into the pride.

  2. Amazing video. I wonder if he made friends with the young lions first.

  3. Incredible!!!! He is insane, but that is absolutely amazing as well!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this, more proof that all life is connected and with the proper attitude and mind set all life can live in harmony on this planet.

  5. Amazing video! He is a very gifted person! What a place to be, in a lions embrace! Thanks for such an educating[!] post.

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    January 29, 2012 – Man and Lions: Great post, thank you. This video just goes to show that love and affection, and the lack of fear, can do miricals.
    Bill Foster
    The Master of Disaster

  7. Um, I like your blog, but I am not convinced that this isn’t simply some photoshopped psuedo-meme. A human was accepted into a pride of lions? Please give more detail than one close up picture. Remember the guy who wanted to be accepted by bears, and got killed by one instead?

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  9. This is very interesting! I don’t think I would want to try this though! Thanks for sharing!

  10. drawharmony says:

    Wow .. he’s amazing – nice post – I truly enjoyed this.

  11. If you have ever given an 8 pound cat a bath, you realize how muscular and strong they are as they fight you about the water. It puts a lot of perspective to imagine how powerful a 400 pound cat must be. That is one brave soul out there! Or maybe he’s just plain crazy. Wow.

  12. Wow, merci beaucoup pour cet affichage vidéo, just awesome.

  13. Ilove wild cats and I wish that I could do something like that.

  14. Terrific Post Dolly. Will definitely need to re-post. Thanks for sharing. Dave


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