Nothing is as uplifting as free-spirited horses running, playing or grazing the fields…

They are some of nature’s smartest, most elegant and loyal creatures.

Poulliy sur Loire, Center France... July 2011


  1. Love reading posts from fellow Horse lovers!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. majestic animals …. these are all spectacular.

  3. Heather Whitley Gibson says:

    your pictures and story-withoutwords-and stories in general are fun and informative
    always a pleasure to visit!!!

  4. You have some wonderful shots here. I am especially drawn to the triple portrait, although obviously all are beautiful. I do love the horses.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love horses too – so graceful, we used to have shire horses and they were beautiful gentle giants, thanks for sharing🙂

  6. Beautiful!🙂

  7. A wonderful posting Dolly,
    horses are such lovely creatures🙂

    Have a sweet weekend my friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  8. That last shot is breathtaking! The horse isn’t bad either…

  9. lovely horses!

  10. SO beautiful and true! Horses truly have an elegance about them, free-spirited and wild. Graceful. Playful. Strong.

    In other words, everything I hope to be❤

  11. Very nice post, Dolly. I couldn’t agree more!

  12. Horses are so beautiful and majestic. Thanks for the photos!

  13. I’ve ridden horses only like twice in my life, but both were very memorable. It’s a completely different feeling from a bike or anything like it! I mean, it wasn’t like I point and it goes… the horse knew what to do and would guess what I wanted it to do. I guess I’m not explaining it well, but it was a surreal feeling for someone who is used to machines that do exactly and only what you ask them to do.

  14. I absolutely love horses! thanks for shearing this.

  15. You are so right, they are truly uplifting!

  16. Simply beautiful!🙂

  17. So true! I have always loved horses. They have an elegant grace coupled with curiosity and enthusiasm that makes them a delight to watch galloping and playing. I love their energy and spirit. I think I could go on forever about them but I won’t. I was lucky enough to have one growing up and I hope I will have another sometime in the future. xo.

  18. Stunning!

  19. They are truly amazing and majestic creatures. The deep feeling in their eyes forms such a strong connection. I have this amazing beautiful piece of art, it is a leather horse sculpture with green glass eyes from the turn of the century. It is gorgeous and looks so real, you have to see it.

  20. Thanks so much for the re-blogged🙂


  1. pindanpost says:

    […] Horses February 3, 2012 28 Comments Nothing is as uplifting as free-spirited horses running, playing or grazing the fields… They are some of nature’s smartest, most elegant and loyal creatures. […]

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