The Magic Of Green



  1. super

  2. Nice photos.

  3. Absolutely stunning photos!

  4. Refreshingly beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, but I think I’d better check the calibration on my monitor– I could only see shades of green… : )

  6. Hi Dolly! I wanted to honor you with the Candle Lighter Award! I know you have many, but here is another from me because I feel you deserve it… your blog! 🙂
    If you choose to accept, visit this link for details

  7. Love your photographs you are a natural.

  8. I just bought Forest Green paint for my kitchen! I love the color and it goes great with purple (which happens to be my favorite color) 🙂

  9. simply lovely.

  10. very nice!


  12. Wonderful photo essay!!! I’m thinking of doing something similar with water. Anyway, loved it!

  13. Amazing images.

  14. The Lone Writer says:

    The first one makes me smile!

  15. These are absolutely wonderful. I LOVE these! Magical is right. I’d love to be in all of these places, right now 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on crisp clean clear and commented:
    green is good.

  17. Breath taking!

  18. Julie Catherine says:

    These photos are magical – and I love green. Beautiful! ~ Julie 🙂

  19. Beautiful photos!

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