Whew! More Versatile Blogger Awards…

I am becoming turbo-charged now because nine more Versatile Bloggers have nominated  me…a total of 11 Versatile Awards already for the record.  Whew! This is really awesome!

They believe that All  About Lemon is Versatile:

Really I am so thankful to these Versatile Bloggers. I am over the moon to honor and introduce them to you one by one here.  You can click the images to visit their blogs.  I am pretty sure you will all love their blogs too, as much as I do:

Once again thanks to all of you!









Blue Bird Blvd

Here are the mechanics to this award:

Thank the nominator(s), then post (on your blog) links to the nominators and 15 other blogs you have been reading recently and enjoy, and also 7 things about yourself.  And post a comment on the sites you nominated, telling them you nominated them.

Once again I thank my 7 nominators above for this award…

Just because AllAboutLemon is You & Me

The 7 things about myself are:

1.  I am a mom of four.  3 daughters and a son.

Dagupan Beach, Pangasinan, year 1999

2.  I am an orthodontist in Jeddah, K.S.A.

with my dental nurses, on my birthday February 2, 2010

3. I am a writer and I wish to publish my first book one day.

4. I scuba dive but I do not really swim… lol

5.  I rock and roll

6. I am  a free-spirited woman

7. I am Aquarius

And here are the following bloggers I nominated…  Surely all these bloggers are Versatile Bloggers too since they all support and follow Allaboutlemon.

I am so proud to introduce them to you and here they are folks!

Moiz Billah

Ruby Shoesday

Victor Tribunsky

Lady Vika


Thoughts of Life Experience

I Am For Change

Nuggets For Nobles

Jess Banuelos


Medical Tourism China

Photographic Memory

The Ultimate Poker Mindset

Fierce Buddhist

What Is Juan Oscar

No Title

Me- One Of A Kind

Poet Head


Nae’s Nest

In A Word Blog

Jack Tweeter

Five Reflections

The Happiness Nest

Nature Turning Against Mankind


The Hill House

Be Still And Know

Honourable Mentions

Mutant Supermodel


No Title

Bunch A Different Hustles

Thoughts I Wish I Could Say Out Loud

Nurse Lyssie


Medusa Moon


Soul Blind Ministry


The Alternate Economy

Aliza’s Window

In Trinzic Value

Personal Concerns

Breakinbadd’s Blog

Chicks With Ticks

Patterns That Connect

No Title

The Convoluted Menagerie


Marina Kanavaki

Blunts Book Blog

The Butterfly Wake

I’m Burning with LOVE

One Bird At A Time

Sarah’s Place


Extraordinary Experiences

Family Haikus

Patrick’s Photography

The Soulful Contrarian

Comments By FrizzText

Break It Down Pete

No Title

Sataloma News

Words About Birds

Progressive Blogic


df Media Works

Downtown J Brown

Paul The Yeti

Stuff My Brain Thinks

M Schuett Blah Blah

Journal Of an Adventurous Mother

The Iris And The Lily


Coming to the Stage

Green Froggy Fae

Saying It Anyway

kiss smiley for orkut, myspace, facebook

Congratulations to All!




  1. Congratulations Dolly, and thank you for accepting my nomination! You are very deserving, keep it up…!

  2. Reblogged this on pindanpost.

  3. Seven nominations??? Doll, you are popular! How very, very fantastic! (Really and truly, you are the epitome of the Versatile Blogger!) YAY!

  4. Dolly, you deserve them all. You are always so gracious and caring! 🙂 🙂

  5. Time for a display case! good for you! however, i do have a problem with these chain-letter awards, needing to pass them on to 5 to 25+ bloggers – pretty soon everyone has them and they don’t mean so much – I’ve seen blogs showing over 15 awards,lting and it looks rather gaudy at that point (or earlier, much earlier). For those that like them, have fun! There are people who make these awards and some are insulting. Whoever started this should be forced to accept every award and perform all due requirements…

  6. Congratulations. I gave up on awards a while ago. They just seem to breed faster than rabbits. Enjoy yours. It was great looking at all those other blogs you listed too.

  7. WOW! That’s fantastic Dolly…..keep writing and rockin and rollin……Congratulations!! Well deserved! 🙂

  8. Congratuations!

  9. Congratulations with the award, even if it’s a little late. I am really impressed by your list of 75 blogs. I want to look up them, but it will actually take some time to get to the end of the list. I believe I have some fun ahead me.

  10. Ruby Shoesday says:

    I’ve been commenting all over the place trying to say thanks: including the WRONG blog all together!!! EEEeeek!! I think I got this one down pat now: Sorry… I just got back from the Moon… and am still figuring out EARTH confusion type thindoowallops…. that and I was just TOTALLY FLIPPED over being Nominated For Something!!!! Yip Yip Yorray!!! Thank You, TRULY!

  11. Thank you for nominating my blog Heroin Diaries!!!!! I am truly grateful and honored :]!

  12. shreyagayu says:

    Hey …

    Thanx for nominating me….:D
    Your posts are great..
    Waiting for your upcoming posts…:)

  13. Congratulations to you, and thank you for your nomination.

  14. such an honour to be listed here dear! hearty thanks for this award!

    And congratulations on having been a recipient yourself!

  15. Thanks for the nomination!

  16. Thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate it and truly grateful to be part of it. Hugs to you 🙂 Btw, belated happy birthday!!

  17. Thank you that I have joined in this competition!

  18. Thank you that I have joined in this competition.

  19. hi

    Thanks for this award 🙂 and thanks for the appreciation.:)
    Keep up the good work and really best of luck for your book, I am definitely sure it will gona publish this year 🙂


    Ahmad Ladhani

  20. thank you for nomination, and for reading my blog.

  21. Congrats and awesome effort to get 5 at the same time!!! Some of us can only dream 😉 Thanks so much for nominating mLr as well, glad you like the blog even though I have been a bit busy and neglected it lately! Look forward to reading many more of yours 🙂 mLr

  22. Thanks so much for including my blog!!!

  23. Congratulations to you, of course, however, these awards are well deserved and hard earned! I love the high energy of your blog and the positive happy way I feel when visiting. And Thank You, for posting so many new blogs for me to check out! This is truly fantastic! By the way, I, too, am an Aquarius! My day is the 15th! What day is yours? Keep writing! I love this stuff!

  24. OOh, I think this means ~ you are THE Versatile princess now 🙂

  25. This just made a tough week 100 times more manageable…thank you so much for the nomination– I so appreciate it! Your blog is so great as well; always enjoying reading your posts. 🙂 If I ever completely understand this whole nomination thing, you’ll be on my list!

  26. Julie Catherine says:

    Huge congratulations several times over – wow, 75 blogs to nominate, that must have taken you awhile, lol! Congrats again, very well deserved awards. ~ Julie 🙂

  27. Much thanks and congrats to you as well. I am very honored to be amongst the appreciated.

  28. Thank you my dear for the nomination. There are so many lovely writers here, I am humbled

  29. oh my

  30. congrats

  31. Congratulations… and Thank you so much I am honored to be listed here!! 🙂

  32. Congratulations. !!!

  33. Congrats! 🙂


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