Another Snapshots from last night…


It was so fast and I was just using my iPhone4 to catch these shots… hahaha

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  1. That takes either great courage or great stupidity but the little boy in me is yelling rock on while the adolescent is thinking how he can get a bike but the old man in me is shaking his head.
    On another note you must be very special to have all these men show off in front of you 🙂

  2. Dolly…. two things, neither to do with this post, though it’s nice…. I saw in the notification section you’ve been catching up on your reading at my site… and just wanted to warn you to not try to take in too much of me at one sitting; could produce some serious loss of mental equilibrium…. 🙂 Also, I tried to go see your post today on the Fire Waterfall at Yosemite, but got a 404 error from the link in the email… can’t seem to find it any other way either…. just thought you should know, in case anyone else has the same problem…. I’ll wait and see if I can get to it later today, or tomorrow…. take care, and I hope you enjoyed all the stuff I wrote…… 🙂 Blessed Be……

    • Yes Ned, you’re right I’ve been catching up my read with you… 🙂 Things are happening quite strange lately with the WordPress, sometimes I could not log in, and yes about my post “Fire Waterfall at Yosemite… I had to place it under pending review, because 3 bloggers claimed they could not view the pictures while there are around 12 bloggers who clicked like so there must be something wrong 😦 …So I need to fix it… I like to make sure everyone sees those pics so I have to fix it or do some editing.
      Take care too and hope to see you on our coffee siesta tomorrow 🙂

  3. ..hold on.

    • it was a bit scary watching him did that daredevil act thing hahaha and I had a hard time to take a good shot of him 🙂 any how I was able to take some amateur snapshots… 🙂

  4. Looks like he’s about to fall. Sweet Mickey Mouse sticker ; )

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