A Newbie In Word Press- Nooby in Wok Pres-Toon Town

All of us started as a Newbie in Word Press.  I started my blog here in the middle of October last year.  And like other newbies, I have felt the same too when I posted my very first blog.  Haha, I also said to myself like, would anyone would read it? Would they like my topic? Would someone be critical about it? Well you named all the doubts that you have in mind, but one thing that would justify our reason why we blog after all is because we just like to do it and we are happy to do it for our own joy or peace of mind or satisfaction or to whatever reason we may have…  Sure, we all say to ourselves that we blog just for ourself and whether anyone or none would like our blog, bla-bla-bla… we do not mind at all…  But the truth is, deep  within us, we all want to be recognized by the others.  And if one or two would clicked LIKE to our blog, we are quick to check who would that be? We got curious to know about them…  We sometimes are not just satisfy for their like but we wanted to know why they like one or two of our posts and so on… and then we started to get curious… and wanting to have more… and then later we feel like we are addicted into blogging or like we always have a hangover after posting our blog each day… LOL.

Why I talk about this?  Well, I met a lot of newbies here in Word Press nowadays and they are all amazed of what I have in my blog.  They asked me to give them some tips or advices on how they could encourage other bloggers to read theirs or like their posts.

I can not tell whether my techniques are correct or the right approach… but basically I just answered their inquiries into what I thought was very helpful  for me when I was just like them- a NEWBIE.

Anyways as you all know me, I like to answer things in my own fun way.  I like this to be entertaining to all of us.  So I created a comic strip entitled “Wok Pres-Toon Town”.  Starring you and me, hehehe.   This is just an experimental and I will see how it goes.


The Cast are:

Andy: A Story Teller.

Janice: A Writer.

Jess: A Student.

Julie: An Artist

MumOfOne: A Mom

Nooby: A Newbie in Town

Nowan: A Super Weird Genius Guy

Sarah: A Musician

Teri: A Lover

And Toothsome: Yours Truly

***Note: You can visit the HP of my above cast by clicking on their Photoons… hehehe … Thank You 🙂


So there you met Nooby, she is a NEWBIE in town- The Wok Prestoon Town.  Now she is interested to find out where Toothsome’s place is and what does she do or have in her world.

Tip #1:  If you are a Newbie… do not just sit around and wait for a blogger in Word Press to visit your page.  Roam around and see what other bloggers are doing or having in their world…  And if you like what you saw, leave a comment or two and if you are not sure what to say just go ahead and click LIKE.  I bet he or she will check your blog as well 🙂

Okay, sure some of you would say like, “But I am a writer”, or “I love arts”, or “I am a photographer”, or  “I’m a music lover”, and so on… Yeah sure each of us have our own passion that we wanted to brag about… and they are all unique in our own ways… But the question is, how would the other bloggers give you a notice? or a nod?

Note: Please feel free to write your ideas as a Newbie, what would Nooby want to ask Toothsome? And If you get lucky perhaps Toothsome would put you in this comic strip…  🙂

The next series for this comic strip is password protected.  And the password is: Nooby or just click it.

Wok Pres-Toon Town Comic Strip Continues… See you next week!



  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    Wow, wow, wow, wow! xx

  2. I still got my :O look on me! :O

  3. Pretty cool and ingenious!

  4. Reblogged this on The Narcissist's Blog © and commented:
    Where’s Teri? LOL! I am so tickled by this. It has made my year and it is only February.

  5. well.. its great .. your own comics… nice cartoons too… keep it up

  6. scalesurfer says:

    hahah nice post! keep it up !

  7. De rien! I love this Newbie comic strip. I have a love hate relationship with my new blog. I get so pissed off at the people who said they would write it with me (God bless them). But I’m addicted! Anyway, great comic…I’m impressed. I have so much to learn!

  8. Isn’t this just beautiful? I love what you’re doing with the photoons and the beautiful writings that surround them! I see creativity! Everybody is unique but some are more unique than others! Keep up the good work!

  9. I like your cartoon. It is a very creative and entertaining way to explain your ideas. Artwork is also nice and colorful. Congratulations.

  10. Oh I absolutely love the idea behind the comic strip Dolly. Girl, this is sheer genius 🙂 When I was a Newbie (part of me believes I still am) I would proof-read and proof-read… and … Oh damn, I don’t think all Newbies do this. I’m just Obsessive Compulsive ;-).

    Great job. I’ll be checking out Nooby’s adventures in Wok Prestoon. You’ve made my day with this one.

  11. If you’re looking for pure genius
    Always fun and never gruesome
    You should read Wok Prestoon Town
    By comic genius Toothsome!

    This is a great day in Cartoon History. I’m going to mark it on my calendar with a big blob of toothpaste. Really lovely work! : )

  12. I am a newbie and so says my name lol, very true article, and awesome site! and thank you for visiting my site, yours is awesome!

  13. Thanks for the mention. And, yes, I’m a relative newbie to wordpress, having started my blog in December. It’s much more labour-intensive than blogger, but there’s much more interaction between other users and a far greater feeling of community. I’m very much enjoying being a part of it all. And I love you folks 🙂

  14. I know when I first got into blogging I was lost! I had journaled most of my life but thinking other people might read these thoughts, poems, see the art, or listen to my views or opinions; it was scary at first. It’s sometimes hard to be authentic and honest when you are also worried about getting likes, comments, and the approval of others. But I go with most and just write and if someone “likes” it of wants to “comment” even the better!

  15. Very cool and creative way of showing new bloggers how to interact on here. Thanks again for sharing. Enjoy your day or night.

  16. Now I want to know what Nooby is going to ask! What a curious and delightful place you’ve made here! cheers.

  17. NIce job! I love the comic strip approach and my goodnes you are talent with that area of art 🙂 Great advice for all newbies!

  18. Nooby just needs to keep on writing! Write write write write write. Nobody ever went wrong writing, I think.

  19. I completey agree with you about the motivation behind blogging. I am not convinced that it is only blogging for blogging’s sake. We have an irrefutable desire to be liked – it’s human nature, and there is nothing wrong with that. But how do you get thousands of people to care about what you have to say? How does a Newbie become you? Is blogging about strategy or content? Or is it both?

    • Thank you so much for this additional questions Caroline, I will have this included in my coming episode of this comic strip in a couple of weeks or two, hehehe… Nice and I hope it would be very helpful to all of us. If you read Julie Catherine’s advice… I believe this is the right attitude that all Newbies should have plus yes I agree with Drew, just write, write, write…. and I will add to have fun always… See you next week dear and I am so happy to have met you here via Word Press.
      Dolly xoxo

  20. cutie..

  21. Julie Catherine says:

    YAY, I’m in your comic strip, yippee! I’m so honored, and delighted, thank you so much! I love Noobys, love checking out what they’re doing and reading their thoughts. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a newbie too, with all the insecurities that go with it. My suggestion to Noobys? Be yourself; be authentic and honest … and enjoy the journey more than the stats – because blogging is about people, not numbers. Hail to the Noobys, and hail to Dolly; I love your comic posts! 🙂 ~ Julie xox

    • Yes Julie you are, hahaha 🙂 and you are very welcome! Thank you too for your advice. I will add this with Julie-toon saying it in a couple of weeks or two in this comic strip… See you around dear!
      Dolly xoxo

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