For The Love Of Haiku 3 and Haiku Lovers Say…

Circus in spring,
Kids play, hippos’ kiss…  Eye float!
Munchausen laughs…

Tiffanie King

And Haiku Lovers say…

Mark Armstrong says:

 ignoring the crowd
hippos compare cavities
repaired by Toothsome

grosenberg says:

Elephant on ball
Bubble girls splash, lady floats
Aware Budah laughs

Family Haikus says:

She said “Surprise me!”
Perhaps I went overboard…
Strangest date ever.

The silly season…
Buddha just sees still water
in a world gone mad.

Bridge over fun, Clown 
rests, Two-tail stunt… Mind-flight! 
A Buddha smiles.

Alex Fyffe says:

Circus elephant –
Free but still performing tricks
Knowing nothing else

And we want more Haiku!  What do YOU say?

February 18, 2012 :FTLOH-1

March 17, 2012: FTLOH-2

Important notes to remember:

***You can always check the result for the highest likes for each particular date hereHaiku Lovers

Grab your beautiful Haiku Logo.

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  1. The link for your Haiku logo doesn’t work for me when I paste it into the text widget. I had this trouble before with another widget and contacted wordpress technical support. Someone there explained something about wordpress not accepting java script, as it can carry viruses (apparently MySpace once crashed for three days because of this). I have to admit, I wouldn’t recognise the difference between Java script and other code, so have no idea if this is the problem with your link.

    It’s a pretty logo, so would love to embed it on my site if at all possible.

    • I hope this will help you how: On you widgets area… click the widget “Text” and place it to your sider bar… when you click it you will see Title on it and then a black space where you would paste the html of the Haiku logo and then you save it. And anytime you click the logo or image, it will bring you right away to the For the love of haiku page…. let me know if it work 🙂

      • Thanks. I already tried that several times, but it didn’t work. When I went to my home page, there was nothing there. Any other suggestions? Do you know which other wordpressers have successfully placed the widget on their sites?

    • And oh I just saw it now Mr. JB also posted the Haiku Logo, hehehe, nice!

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    My favorite:
    She said “Surprise me!”
    Perhaps I went overboard…
    Strangest date ever.

  3. What is a Haiku?
    Will somebody please explain…
    That picture is fake!

  4. LOL, it’s like an acid trip without fear of law enforcement.

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