Philosophy For Old Age

Cappuccino at Coffee Break in Lund, Sweden. It...

Cappuccino at Coffee Break in Lund, Sweden. Italiano: Cappuccino al Coffee Break di Lund in Svezia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted this last December 8, 2011 and now I re-post it, because my blogger friend Ned  of


Exploring Consensual Reality

took time to have a coffee break at my “Coffee, Anyone?” page haha… (he needed this every time he will prepare his Pearl the following day) and he found this post.  Which reminded me to view it again… Since All About Lemon says: Sharing is Caring. Here it is I want to share this to all!

So For those who are not there yet, 

here are some brilliant guideposts…

click: Philosophy_For_Old_Age_


  1. Peter Pan had Neverland, and I have the Lemons R Us Café. As long as I come here every day and drink 16 cups of Jeddah Jive Java, I’ll never grow old!

    Now where’s my nurse?? I hate it when she parks me in the closet like this–! (grumble, grumble, grumble)

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    This was truly beautiful (including the music).
    Thanks for digging it up and reposting.

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