Wal-Mart in China… contrib by Ronald Lewis…

These are actual pictures taken in a Wal-Mart in China via forwarded e-mail… Thought it would be nice to share with you 🙂


Bulk Rice

Mixed Meat

Orange Juice And Cooking Oil

Frogs & Turtles

You guess what this is…

Walmart Brand Spirits

Rib Cages

Assorted Dried Reptiles

Beautiful Boxes Of Liquor


A Large Selection Of Chopsticks


Great Value Brand Beef Granules

Pig Faces



  1. UN-believable!

  2. wow, its amazing, i never take a picture crocodile in the market,, in my country, Indonesia, crocodile is protected animals 😀 so ur photo give me new experience :D,, thnx u…
    oh ya, nice to meet u 😉

  3. Yuck! I’m not ever going to shop there! The pig faces were totally gross!

  4. Ugh! All I can say.

  5. Boy, I haven’t seen that many pig faces since I attended my high school reunion… : P

  6. They sure love their food–its the presentation that freaks us out!

  7. That’s why I shop at Hannaford’s! 🙂

  8. talesfromthelou says:

    OMG, is there anything the Chinese won’t eat ?

  9. Some yuk ones but interesting

  10. Just goes to show how different people really are I’m not going to pass judgement because they most probably think we’re odd but what forcd them to go hunt crocs for lunch I live in south Africa and there is no one who eats crocs simply because they’re the second highest cause of water death in south Africa second on,y to the territorial hippo

  11. a shiver down my spine!

  12. Reblogged this on pindanpost.

  13. Scary…one.
    They may eat anything…available on earth…

  14. narhvalur says:

    Great post! Here we see the lack of animal welfare in China! See they are selling LIVE TORTOISES! Ann

  15. Culture is so different.

  16. I thought you were leading up to a joke when I saw your first photo posted, Dolly. But as I browsed down, I see this is how China sets up thier Walmart stores for real. Pigs faces? Poor little pigs, or maybe it’s just that we don’t show the part of the pig, that looks like a pig. That vision might actually have me thinking twice about eating pork anytime soon. What’s the stuff in the white cube bins? Loose rice? Cocaine…lol (I suspect that is a big no-no in China). All joking aside, this was a cool share, and an interesting post. Great job, Dolly. Thanks for the insight. 🙂

  17. Fascinating! I wonder if they have aligator instead of turkey for their version of Thanksgiving. Thank goodness for the grapefruit in their mouths or they would look a lot less appetizing! HA HA!

  18. They certainly eat some weird stuff over there….

  19. This looks like a house of horror! Never seen anything like it. Thanks for posting this.


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