The Wedding… contrib by Laura N.

I received this via e-mail…thought it would be nice to share…. 🙂


Her name is Katie Kirkpatrick, 21 yrs old. Next to her is her fiancé, Nick, 23.
This picture was taken prior to their wedding January 11th, 2005.
Katie has terminal breast cancer and spends hours in chemotherapy.
Here Nick awaits while she finishes one of the sessions…

Even in pain and dealing with her organs shutting down, with the help of morphine,
Katie took care of every single part of the wedding planning..
Her dress had to be adjusted several times due to Katie ‘s constant weight loss.

An expected guest was her oxygen tank. Katie had to use it during the ceremony and reception.
The other couple in this picture is Nick’s parents, very emotional with the wedding and to see their
son marrying the girl he fell in love when he was an adolescent.

Katie , in a wheel chair listening to her husband and friends singing to her.

In the middle of the party, Katie had to rest for a bit and catch her breath.
The pain does not allow her to stand for long period of time.

Katie died 5 days after her wedding.

To see a fragile woman dress as bride with a beautiful smile
makes you think…. happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts……
lets enjoy life and don’t live a complicated life.

Work as if it was your first day.
Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries..
Laugh without control
and never stop smiling.
Please pray for those suffering from cancer.
We all have close to our heart.
Keep this going.
Prayers are always answered.



  1. I don’t think its possible to comment after a story like that.

  2. I know of a few men who divorced their wives after they were either diagnosed with cancer, or disfigured in some way. Nick is a one-of-a-kind in the best sense of the word!

  3. It makes one think of what is important in life. I know that each day I wake, I am grateful. I struggle with my own illness, and never allow it to take control of me. I live life to the fullest as I don’t know how long I have. I make each day count, and I surround myself with those who I love and love me back unconditionally. I choose life, and will fight til the end. Thank you for sharing your email message. It is bittersweet.

  4. A beautiful story, a beautiful prayer: to which we can all say, Amen!

  5. Always make the most of the time we have because you just never know… by the way… The pictures do not seem to be showing???

  6. WOW, so sad but on another note quite a joyful ending.Thanks, it makes me re-examine my life.

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