Music Passion And The Music Tagger For May Is Phil Of Random Thoughts

Thanks for your votes!

 Love Me Tender

38 Likes and 4 votes

  Bye Bye Love

32 Likes and 1 Vote

 Why Do Fools Fall In Love

12 Likes and 1 vote

 Comes Love

33 Likes and 1 vote

Love Me Tender has the highest likes and votes.  But since I was the tagger, Phil of Random Thoughts is our Music Passion Tagger for May. Let’s all hear from him and we tag along with his Music Passion.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

    • Find our theme song:
      Our Music Passion Tagger is Phil of Random Thoughts  this He choose our theme for this of month of May and then we tag our Music Passion along with him.
    •  Post it in your blog.
    • Tell us something about it.
    • Your post title should be “Music Passion”
    • Always link your post with the Music Passion page.
    • Copy and paste Music Passion Logo on your side bar.
      On your widget area,    place the IMAGE widget on your sidebar and place All About Lemon Music Passion url image :

      and then place the url page of Music Passion to link on your blog, so that anytime you’d like to check all music passion
      entries for that particular month you can easily access on it.
    • By the end of the month, I will post who’d get the highest likes.
    • The blogger who gets the highest number of LIKES will be his/her turn to tag us with his/her “Music Passion” for the following month.

      This is fun come and join us!



  1. Hey now! I demand a recount! It would appear you have the most votes and likes. OK, OK, I’ll accept the nomination. Now I need to go think of a theme for May.

    Dolly, thanks for a fun idea.

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