I Got A Flu!

I am experimenting my comic strips here.  hehehe
Curious, who this Mac Giggles is?  Well, he is one of my blogger friends in Word Press who always make me laugh every time he writes me a comment.  You can check his blog here: Mark Armstrong Illustration

And I got his comic name from Linda Vernon who is also a funny woman, check her funny blog here:  Linda Vernon

So there you know that I am also a funny woman 🙂

Click Toothsome to meet her co-toons!


http://orkutluv.com/  graphic comments-Funny Graphics




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  2. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    The wonderful Toothsome is back for us all to share – but where has she been, I wonder. xx

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    ….. I miss this!

  4. Dolly! How cute is this? I love it! And you’ve got the MacGiggles Man down perfectly! He’s the greatest! I truly just got done laughing out loud at one of his comments! 🙂 And OMG how sweet of you to give me a shoutout! This just made my Monday Dolly! 😀

  5. This is completely outrageous!! It is also a work of pure genius– I love it!!

    I hate to criticize, but there is one glaring technical error: whenever I pop up in the bathroom of a beautiful woman, I always use the toilet, not the bathtub. Why? Because there are always spiders in bathtub drains. It’s just too creepy and upsetting for a sensitive soul like myself… : P

    I think my favorite part of this wonderful comic strip was getting to see Toothsome brushing her teeth!! As you know, I consider good dental care extremely important, and it’s nice to see you setting a good example for your readers… : )

    I have received many great honors, but this– Outstanding Virus In A Bathtub– tops them all. Thank you so much!! You are indeed a very funny woman, and you have just created The Greatest Comic Strip Of All Time!!

    Say, I like this rubber ducky. I have one just like it in my bathtub… : P

    • hahaha I had some difficulty creating a comic of you… I combined your profile pic and the photo on your About page… hehehe
      and there I have Mac Giggles in my comic strip… Well, I really enjoy your sense of humor, I always have a good laugh every time you leave me a comment. LOL
      Well, I chose the bathtub, because I have not decided yet what would be the body for my Mac Giggles comic character. Any suggestion?

      I’m so happy that you love it and thanks so much for all the cheers!

      Dolly xoxo

  6. You are soooo talented, Dolly… 🙂

  7. LOL!! 😛


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