At The Bar

Wok Pres-Toon Cast:


Never mind! Don’t laugh…



  1. HAhahaha…. enjoyed this one and here’s a thank you to Mark for the little history behind the joke, and to Vinny for being the inspiration behind the cartoon. This is good stuff 😀

  2. Brilliant! A very clever switch on the old myth that a person will get warts if he touches a toad. The bartender had a wart on his foot, and it went to his head– literally!– and the poor sap wound up with a toad’s head. : (

    For me, the funniest part is that all the bar patrons are staying cool about it. They’re curious, but not really upset. If I walked into a bar and saw a bartender with a toad’s head, I’d do the sensible thing– scream and jump out the window!

    Well drawn! Bar scenes are not easy to do. This one looks very authentic. Excellent caricatures, vibrant colors, and I like the brick background. And I love the toad head!! It may not be scientifically accurate, but cartoons never are– it works!!

    The best part, of course, is Mac Giggles. He was afraid to ask Toothsome about the bartender’s head, because he knew that if he spoke to her, she would give him a toothbrush and toothpaste and say: “Brush your teeth, you’ve got bad breath!!”

    Poor Mac Giggles– this happens to him a lot… : (

    • You know what is really funny here is your comment.. LOL
      if you could only hear me laugh… hahaha
      Thanks for your cheers and encouraging words. Really I am having fun making comic strip, it helps me get away from my routine work… hahaha You know teeth all day? Hahaha
      But this is your job. You’re the professional one and I’m your fan and trying-hard to be just an apprentice cartoonist. Your job is wonderful!

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I don’t get it. But I never get jokes until the next day. Then I enjoy a good laugh. So……for now…..I’m anxiously waiting for tomorrow to come.

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