For The Love Of Haiku And Haiku Lovers Say…

For The Love Of Haiku- 4

A crushing jet plane.
Thunder, lightning everywhere:
This time no bombs fall.

Tiffanie King

Art Game-W-7 Players:
Squad 633
Thoughts Of My Brain

And here are what tha Haiku lovers say about the Art Game Image above:

By the way, Haiku lovers with “says” on red ink are those with Haiku entries which could be found on their home pages.  Click each of them and let us all give them our like 🙂

Other Haiku lovers who wish to contribute what they have in their mind about the image above but would just like to share them on the comment area are also welcome and be included here. But only those who posted their entries on their blogs are the official entries by which we could count who among them get the highest number of like by the end of the month.

Turbulent waters
beyond imagination
crackling and alive
Mark Armstrong  says:

I went to the beach
I hid under my blanket
Praying for coffee

: P

 grosenberg says:
The enemy comes
This fight will be a strange one
Dibs on the dragon
Mermaid beckons me
I would rather love than fight
Enjoy the dragon
Okay you tough guys;
let up on the battle stuff…
Get your homework done!

Mysterious sky.
The world dimensions open,
with sizzling light.

 Creating Myself Daily says:

Sirens cause chaos,
calm indulgence in a swim,
conquers even dreams~

Everyone is welcome to join me in this fun just because you love what you are doing and you are happy to do it.

Every third Saturdays of the month I will post an image that I got from  my Art Game and then you write down your Haiku based on what you see on the image.

To see our previous For The Love Of Haiku, here:

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Important notes to remember:

***You can always check the result for the highest likes for each particular date hereHaiku Lovers

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Come on Haiku Lovers, share us your brilliant Haiku now!

In joining this fun-mind game, simply click For The Love Of Haiku and join us 🙂



  1. Here’s my contribution, also posted on my blog. Thanks, Dolly, as always, for providing so much inspiration 🙂

    Unicorn disguised:
    too risky to ride the seas
    white-coated and horned.


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