#1Spy: I Spy With My Little Eye- Something Beginning With W

If your answer is correct you can click Musee de la Sorcellerie .  

Your chance to see the town of the witches…located in Blancafort, France.

Ooops! So now you know that was not the W we’re looking for?… hahaha

Note: You can spy as many Ws as you like but to open the gate of the witches, you’ve got to spy 2 Ws… whi-hihihihihi… good luck! 🙂

This one is called #ISpy and is the brainchild of Mum of One. Just have a look at the pic above and then use the comments section to say what you see.

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Mum of One


  1. Katrina says:

    witch, woman, wink ?

    • Katrina, I want you to see this place… they called it The Witch Town in France… whihihihihi 🙂
      Mark and Carol had been granted by the good witch already, They found the 2 Ws… whihihihi
      Read my comment to them, if you need some more hints let me know 🙂 whiihhihihi

  2. Are you maybe after Wax Work?

  3. Witch? Made of wood? SCARY shot this week! Thanks for playing 🙂 Will link you up to the linky list so that the others can find you too x

  4. First of all, I really resent being disturbed when I’m taking my bath!! To have people just barge in and take pictures of me– it’s disrespectful! I’m used to be gawked at, it’s all part of being a celebrity, but still… : P

    Let’s see: I spy the color White; Wrinkles in the “Water,” and also Wrinkles on her forehead and several other places; and that’s either a Wink or an unfortunate eye injury; is that a Wart on her stomach?? (the look on the little toad’s face seems to be saying: “Hey, don’t blame me!!”);
    I see many Wisps of hair, and possibly some spidery Webs in the area near the toad; witches usually have cauldrons, but it that maybe a Washtub she’s sitting in?? And her Wrist is clearly visible…

    That means there are exactly 56,782,109,277 possible password combinations. I’ve tried 10 of them. I’ll try the rest after I finish my bath. Now please– I’d appreciate a little privacy!!! : P

    • whihihihihihihi… wait ’til tomorrow Mark… I might give you some hints. In the photo, they’re not clearly recognized, so no wonder not any of you here spied yet the 2 W’s…
      Actually it’s one object but it will work well when these 2 words were whoop…so that we can all enter the witches’ gate 🙂 whihihihihihihi

  5. Wow, that old ‘W’itch almost makes me happy to look in the mirror. I guess things can get worse. LOL. 😉

  6. One last guess Dolly – whiiihihihihiii WART 😉

    • Bwahhhhahahaaaaa 🙂

      • Bwahhhhahahaaaaa – This is an unknown language to me… I think it means my guess is wrong..!!
        Dolly – it is 12:16am & I have gotten out of bed because I think I saw a ‘Wolf’ or a ‘Werewolf’ under the cauldron…. Is it so; or is that just my hopeful imagination.. 😉 whiihihihihihiiii (It appears to have ‘White’ eyes… whahhhhhhhh)

        • Bwahahahahahaha… that was a laugh from dracula…… whihihihihi and that’s me as a good witch 🙂
          Sleep now my dear Carol… tomorrow I might give you a hint or perhaps you’ll dream about the 2 Ws…we needed for the “open sesame” thing… hehehe and besides I like you to see the witches’ town located in Blancafort, Center France 🙂

    • Okay Carol, I want you to see the witch’s town. Here is the hint. In the photo, the witch is spending her bath not with a bubble bath but with lots of silver coins thrown to her by every one who passes by. 2 W words. Like I said to Mark,” it’s actually a one object but it will work well when these 2 words were whoop…so that we can all enter the witches’ gate whihihihihihihi”
      And guess what? He did it! I was surprise he was already in! hahaha. See you there sister 🙂
      Just let me know if you need more hints… hahaha

  7. Dolly; she is a wicked, winking, wrinkled, webbed fingered witch…. whihihihihihii 😉

  8. Dolly; she is a wicked winking witch….. whiiihihihihihii 😉
    I just thought of another – she is a won eyed wicked winking witch…. whiiihihihihihii
    Okay… okay – I know the spelling’s wrong… whiiihihihihihii

  9. I spw, woman, wicked, womb, wax, wet, ok that’s all Peace Jaz

  10. COuld it be wicked witch?

  11. All in one: Review says:

    I should admit, quality art…!! amazing

  12. Witch…..a very beautiful witch I might add

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