Musee de la Sorcellerie

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Blancafortt, Center France, is the well known  town in witchcraft. History showed that they really exist. But I believe that there are good witches too, those who do not wish harm to others…  

Pictures were taken by iPhone4, July 10, 2011

If you want to know more about this museum click here. Enjoy!



  1. Gorgeous Dolly… the pics are wonderful. I especially like the ‘toad’ you’re sitting on; he’s so cute….!! 😉 What a great day you both had, with pics to show it…! &
    Yes, I brought K along with me…. he almost fell off his chair when I excitedly screamed “I’m in, I’m in”… What fun that was…! 🙂

    • I am all smiling reading this message of yours… I was telling V the first time you were guessing which W words and that you were about to sleep but then you thought of another W word… hehehe. We were both laughing too. I am happy to share them especially to those who seem they are already a family to me like you and K. I am so happy. Thanks Carol. Kisses 🙂

  2. I protest you wascally wabbit fwend Dwolly…. Took me lots of brain cells to enter and the prize eludes me…. Shucks, the pics aren’t workin’ for me…. bet they’re great though…. 😉 That was fabulous sweet girl; even without the pics… 😉

    • Patience won out Dwolly, I saw a few pics. That cute ‘good’ witch and the warlock by her side made a great couple… 😉

      • Hello Carol, yihwheeeyyy You did it! Welcome 🙂
        I kiss you and hug you now. Did you bring K with you?
        I’m happy you made it. I knew, you would! Of course, you’re a genius.
        Thanks a lot for your sweet comment about me and my warlock…whihhihhihhi 🙂
        I made the pics in slide show… Okay… I will also insert gallery…. so you will enjoy to see what’s inside the museum 🙂

  3. Do they sell those poisoned apples at the gift shop? Yum! They look good… : P

    Very disturbing place– the creepiest part was that couple that kept showing up. Made my red-blood cells run cold, they did… : (

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