Music Passion- May Theme- The Super Moon Songs- Make Your Vote Now!

  • Your vote counts!

    Starting now to 12pm(GMT) the 30th of May, 2012, the Song that hits the highest number of votes plus the number of its Likes in each blogger’s Music Passion Post/Blog, will be our next Music Passion Tagger for the month of June.

    You can also visit Music Passion Page to see complete details of this Music Fun :)

    Please use the comment area and write the song of your choice:

    Music Passion May Edition: The Super Moon Songs


adollyciousironyFly Me To The Moon

 Madame de Luna


 fra-froa Pale Moon

Love Bytes On Air La Luna

 Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Guiguoz Cuisine Rocket To The Moon

Purplebabe  Moonflower/Flor De Luna

 MoonAge DayDreams


Harvest Moon

The Main In The Moon

Dancing With the Moonlit Knight

Moon Over Alabama

The Prison Moon

 Moonlight Serenade

 Bad Moon Rising

  Moonlight Sonata

Moon River


Thank You Dear All Fellow-Blogger-Friends!

Have A Musical Day!



  1. Harvest Moon. Neil Young gets my vote! Peace Jaz

  2. So many of these ‘moon’ songs are wonderful, it is really hard to choose, Dolly. However, I will stick with Moonlight Sonata, because every time I hear it, my mother returns to me in spirit.

  3. I’m voting for Rocket To The Moon because of the jangly piano solo, and because I like to fly to the moon a couple of times a week in my homemade rocket… : )

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