More Recognition Awards And You Are Loved


Click to see the details for this award.

Thank you so much for my 5th
Kreativ Blogger Award given to me

by:   greatgreths

And  to

Stephanie  of


For My 3rd Reader Appreciation Award

Thank you so much!

I Love You Guys!!!

I am so honored to have these 2 Recognition Awards

And All About Lemon Says,

You Are Loved!

And as a token of my gratitude for following All About Lemon,
I made a personal gift to all of my buddies/followers.
My daughter Chlly and I made this gift personally.
There are no rules or obligations
but to just accept this gift and show it off to your Blog that
You Are Loved!

All About Lemon is just a click away…

Every time you’d like to check what’s up in my world,

just click that You Are Loved!

Instruction to grab your gift:

On your widget area,    place the IMAGE widget on your sidebar and  paste “You Are Loved!”  image URL:

and then paste All About Lemon URL Page:

Aside from Stephanie and GreatGreth above, I’d like to present to you the following new fans of All About Lemon and here they are:

Plus my buddies since 5-7 months ago.
Thank you so much for staying with me.
 sorealtonight Red
 boobykizzy kkirksnyde64
 Jen C Hay

To all of you my blogger- fans and friends,

You Are Loved!

Be Happy Everyone and Enjoy

just because

You Are Loved!



  1. Thank you Dolly. I will get the graphic into my sidebar at my first opportunity. I have to say though that I’m so happy to see how your blog has grown. You are a wonderful writer and a dear, sweet person. It’s good to see so many have found you!

    Miss D

    • Miss D!!!! I miss you so much! Thanks that you got my message for you. I am happy to see your grace in my page! Wow, I really missed you my dear sister 🙂
      Enjoy my gift for you. You deserved it just because You Are Loved! Surely, I’ll be seeing you around!
      Dolly xoxo

  2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! I will happily show it on my blog as soon as I have a few free minutes. Thanks again!

  3. lostupabove says:

    Hi Dolly, Congratulations on your awards and congratulations to you and your daughter for crafting this magnificent You are loved award and picture. I gladly accept and it is now on my blog page. Thank you so much for including my in your astonishing list of nominees.
    Love, Steph

  4. MisplacedBoy says:

    Thanks! The gif is too big to bit properly in my widgets section, and if I try to shrink it down it loses it’s sparkly GIFness. Any thoughts on how to do this?
    My other option would be to start a page for my awards. What do you think?

  5. Thanks for the honour Dolly. The gift is now showing on my blog. Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. WOW!!!!!!! There are a lot of people who put a lot of effort into their blogs but nobody puts as much effort as you. Thanks for the posts and laughs and everything that you create.

  7. Congratulations on the award. It’s very well deserved.

  8. Jeff Whelan says:

    Congratulations, Toothsome! Well deserved, all! 😀

  9. Thank you for the recognition. Obrigadinho!

  10. Your posts always reflect the great effort and lengths you go to. Thank you Dolly for this lovely “Your are Loved” award. Luv and peace, Eric 🙂

  11. this is really cool… thanks, dolly! 🙂

  12. Love this one!! You have a throng of new blogs! I am excited 🙂 More to discover. Thank you for remembering ❤

  13. Oh, and congratulations on the awards!!!! Well deserved!

  14. Oh, so many new blogs! Yay!!!

  15. Thanks a lot Red. I’ll work on this soon 🙂 mmwahh!


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