Art Game-W22- Thanks To All My Art Game Players :) We did a great job!

Art Game – Week 22-
A Lonely Playground

To The Busiest Playground

In Town…

Thanks to all my Art Game Players!


Jeff Whelan

Love Bytes On Air

Squad 633

Youthful Yogini/Youthful Yogini

Thoughts Of My Brain



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Note: If you need more info click Art Game Week 1  and  Art Game Week 10 for a brief demo…

 See you on Wednesday for another

Art game fun 🙂

Come and join us!



  1. I happened to come across your blog by accident while searching for something else but boy. I am glad that i did. it is wonderful work. I can not believe that nice people such as yourself still exist in this increasingly materialistic world we reside in these days. The art and decor in your picture is something to behold. I want to know more about it. Please tell me who were the people involved in this effort. I have a feeling that the art comes from inside you solely but the inspiration in from all around. Correct me if i am wrong.

  2. I have nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award….

  3. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please visit my blog for details. HUGS, Autumn

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