This music is astounding! It’s beautiful and I learned about it by Leiulf of About Sound and Vision.
Let’s all hear his Music Passion-July Edition!

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Music Passion

About Sound and Vision

Larks’ Tongues In Aspic is the Fifth Album by the English Progressive-Rock Band King Crimson. Though frequently credited with “inventing” the genre, King Crimson never fitted into most of the common progressive rock clichés. No cheesy concept albums, no sci-fi escapism, not too much overblown soloing, no horrible “rock” renditions of Pictures At An Exhibition (*coughcough*). In fact, starting with guitarist/mellotron player/leader Robert Fripp’s first from-scratch lineup rebuild in 1973, they turned into an increasingly strange beast, marrying brain-melting heavy rock to European-free-jazz-esque playing disciplines and souping it up with plenty of exotic influences and instruments. For Larks’… Fripp sought a different sound than all the previous Albums, he dropped the characteristic Saxophone and woodwinds, and brought to the Band the principle of Improvisation. Fripp also brought Drummer Bill Bruford along. Bruford was already an experienced Musician, having just recorded Yes’s Close To The Edge (He left the Band…

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