August Delight

This August, I will spend my holiday to Paris. So that would mean we won’t be able to have our favorite regulars for this period:

Art Game

Music Passion

For The Love Of Haiku

But the good news is you can still enjoy your coffee in our regular Cafe Siesta.  I already prepare the coffee fresh and ready to brew so that any time you’d like to drink a cup or two, just go and visit our Cafe.   The fridge is full too.  Just grab anything you fancy from our delightful menu.

We will also revisit 31 of my all time favorite posts.  So you will have them too.  .  .

Plus and the most especial August Delight for you is to have Tooth Of The Day every day for the entire month of August.

Isn’t that right, Toothsome?

Who… me?

Yes. That is right folks.  Toothsome will be with you everyday.

Ya, that’s right. So you all gotta behave yourself! Or…

I don’t actually leave you guys because Toothsome will be with you… hehehe

Yes! I’m here to cheer you up, because
I Love You Guys!!!

I will be keeping in touch… You and I are just a click away… because

You Are Loved!

So feel free to leave me a comment or two and I will find time to get back to all of you.

I love you guys… My hugs and kisses to all of you 🙂

P.S. I will also update you my J.E.S.T. , so check it out to see the places where I visited during my August vacation in Paris.



  1. haha.. like it… enjoy… 🙂

  2. Enjoy and rest!!

  3. Someone’s going on vacation, but they made sure to brew coffee ahead of time, and they’re gonna run all sorts of great old and new material, and they’re giving us all hugs and kisses??

    Only one kind of person would do that: someone who’s wonderful, sweet, kind, generous, giving, loving, caring, sharing, thoughtful, delightful, amazing, considerate, beautiful, helpful, and precious in every way!!

    I can think of only two people who fit that description. I know it’s not me, so it must be… Toothsome!!

    Well, a lot of Saudis will be getting cavities and impacted teeth while you’re gone, but try not to feel guilty and have fun anyway… : P

    • Yes Mark, I must admit everything that you just said here were all true… hahaha Thanks so much and surely I will have fun.

      But I ask you to please come and visit here everyday to check on Toothsome. Would you? Merci.
      Have fun always and we’ll be keeping in touch…

  4. ENJOY your holiday… Have a fabulous time…!!! xoxoxo 🙂


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