Art Game- This Is How We Do It…

Okay guys in this month of August, we will not play Art Game, so  we could take this moment to know how we play this game.

In our Art Game, week 10, this is the image that we had played on:

Art Game- W-10 Springtime

And then Mr. JB of The ObamCrat had added his chosen image to the picture and here it was:

Player #2 Raffleberry added two lovers on the boat…

Player #3   Thoughts Of My Brain  added 2 hippos:


Player #4  Guiguoz  added a buddah:

It looks fun, watching images added on by each of our Art Game Players, isn’t it?  So now, you wonder how we do it?


Let’s start with our last image above.  Shall we?

Now I’d like to add an image on it.  And I imagine, a family having a picnic.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

So I googgle an image and this is what I found:

But I don’t need to add the whole image, I just like to pick those 3 people, their food and their dog to add in our Art Game image, hehehehe.

So by using the magic wand of Adobe Photo Shop or Gimp, I cropped the only images I wanted to add.

(btw GIMP is a free software you can download it: )

and this is what it looks like using the magic wand….

…and then click the “Select” in the menu (look at the picture above this).

Under Select, click “Inverse, and this is what it looks like:

…then you click “Edit” under this click “Cut” and the image looks like this:

then you open the art game image and click “Paste”.

and it looks like this:

But I would’n like to cover the images that the other players already added.  I must be very careful about that.

So I need to scale my image.  Under “Edit”, you will see “Transform”, under it click “Scale”.

So I scaled my “family and dog image” and placed them to where i wanted them.

Here it is now:



Easy does it not?

And so we continued the fun…. click the red arrow above to see the sequence of our finished Art Game that week 🙂
How interesting the game was the image ended like this:


We really had so much fun that Haiku Lovers joined in 🙂
Click the image above and check out what they all have to say about this image…



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