My First Shooting…

It’s Ramadan ( Holy Month) by the way here in the OC (not the Order of Canada, but just a name I invented to call this country, hahaha)

Anyways during Holy Month,  my work starts from 9:30pm to 3am.

And so last night  before I went to work, I did a “try-out” with my new Canon SLR.

I want to share them here with you 🙂

Just let me know how I did it, hahaha

I took these shots below with a moving car, so I thought I’d click on one of those  “sports feature” of my cam in the menu.

A Water Fountain Along Al-Hambra Street, Jeddah

This colorful water fountain is surrounded with lights which change its color every 2 or 3 second so it is fun to see especially at night….

This one is a Prayer Place

It was so fun to shoot.  I admit I need to learn more on how to use my new cam. 

I created a new blog by the way to  share my future shots with you.

So I invite you guys to feel free to follow my journey in the world of pictures here:

I Shoot I Zoom A Sassy Shot

I don’t have anything yet in this blog but it will be available soon.

I expect you all guys to be there with me too.  Merci! xoxo



  1. Beautiful and great first shots.

  2. My favorite part of the story is imagining all the people running and screaming and diving for cover because the car was up on the sidewalk and you were driving with no hands– tsk, tsk!! : P

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Thanks for sharing, great pics

  4. Great shots!

  5. Colorful low life photography!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  6. Beautiful colours; you won’t be short of great things to shoot…
    I’ll follow oh Sassy one…!
    Looking forward to your pics…. 🙂

  7. Have fun with the camera! Tech skills will come later!

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