Tooth Of The Day…15

The Cast:

Toothsome, Mac Giggles



  1. YAY! Lots to love here!

  2. Agreed. But I would rather say that difference is beauty.

  3. Androgoth says:

    A great posting Dolly 🙂
    I hope that you are well
    and looking forwards to
    the weekend? 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I am so well, thanks so much for the visit… Surely I will have a nice weekend. Tomorrow we’ll travel to West France to get some cool air and sun.
      You too Andro, enjoy your weekend 🙂
      Dolly xoxo

  4. Hmm. Imperfection Is Beauty… I wouldn’t know about that. But I was looking in the mirror this morning, and I can tell you this: Perfection is certainly beautiful– no doubt about that… : P

    Yes, one has to be quite mad in order to be a comic genius. I’m sure that’s why Toothsome is so successful… : P

    Look at that last panel– outrageous!! Outrageous!!! Poor Incredible Shrinking Mac Giggles being used as a toilet brush!!! Is that any way to treat a wonderful toon, beloved by all??? Oh, well… it has been months since he had a bath… : (

    • No comment 🙂 I have no choice but to agree with you LOL….

      Toothsome really wishes that 🙂

      It’s just Toothsome’s way to show how much she cares for her wonderful friend no other than Mac Giggles 🙂 Anyways it’s Mac Giggles’ favorite place 🙂 hahaha

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