Tooth Of The Day…18



  1. Look at Toothsome’s beautiful spacious office. Not shown: the filthy broom closet where Mac Giggles has to do all the dirty work with one foot in a mop bucket… : (

    But I enjoyed my time in Paris. It was great to see the famous Awful Tower, and the Ark d’Trump where Noah played cards with all the animals. I also liked Notre Dame where the “Fighting Irish” play football, and the Left Bank, where all the French people keep their money, called “franks,” which is short for frankfurters…

    I’m looking forward to my trip to America, where I’ll get to see the Statue Of Libby holding her famous torch, which is what they used before Thomas Edison invented the flashlight. I also want to visit Washing Machine, D.C., where they do their dirty laundry… : P

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