#1Spy: I Spy With My Little Eye- Something Beginning With H…

Easy!  Does it not? 🙂

This one is called #ISpy and is the brainchild of Mum of One. Just have a look at the pic above and then use the comments section to say what you see.

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Mum of One


  1. I see hills, hay, and horizon/heaven.

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    HaChoo! Hay fever?

  3. Cool! This is a playing field, right? People roll their round thing down the hill and see whose goes the furthest, right? Yes, I thought so– I remember seeing it in the Olympics. One of those things rolled right over Queen Elizabeth, poor woman… : (

    Let’s see: the big round things are made of Hay. They get rolled down the Hill. Those ragged green bushes down at the bottom look like the world’s worst Hedge. I see a bit of Haze in the air, and I can see all the way to the Horizon. And could that be a Highway at the top of the field? I think I just saw Toothsome go by, driving with no hands again, and taking pictures out the window– tsk, tsk!! : P

  4. Hay, hill, house…maybe?

  5. I see 3!
    Hay, Hill, Heavens….. 🙂

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