Arrow Shooting

I know you all miss our regulars… the Music Passion, For The Love Of Haiku and most especially our ART GAME…

And we will all have them back as soon as the month of September enters.

We just got back from West France to Paris last  night… and tomorrow we are bound to travel again to Bruxelles for a wedding.  And then Saturday to Center France.

Je suis désolé for the Art Game…  We’ll play soon promise.  I miss it too 🙂

For now I like to share with you  some photos taken in West France.  I enjoyed my stay so much in West France. And this was one of the activities or adventures I just did there… More to share on a later date 🙂

The Arrow Shooting

First, I practiced shooting arrow using the light bow…

And then my great teacher Big Tyty (the best friend and brother of my love V) showed me the technique on how to do it with the advance Bow:

So here I was shooting my arrow with the advance bow:

OOops! Here I was using my left hand so my shooting was not good…

So I changed my aim this time using my powerful right hand…



Yiheyyy!  I did it!

I felt so good…to get this point 🙂

Afterwards we ate the dinner that V prepared for us in grills:

A yummy dinner plus this marvelous wine.  It became my favorite:

Because of this wine by the way I became the famous Miss Pamplemouse and guess what?  I beated these 3 guys:

…when we played Darts. I won 3 x in a row…

From then on they called me Miss Pamplemouse…  hehehe

à bientôt



  1. Hello Miss Pamplemouse! Well done to you!
    The countryside looks gorgeous – relaxing and quiet.
    I have been wondering if you would restart the Music Passion. I’m sure to join in if you do, Dolly..

  2. Hey you would be good in my Space shooting
    the Zombies when they are trying to scare off
    everyone that are reading my scripts 🙂 🙂

    Actually there are a lot of Skeletons that need
    sorting out too, how do you feel about firing off
    a few arrows at them? 🙂 😉 lol

    Have a very nice day today Dolly 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  3. I loveee archery! Great pics!

  4. Archery is great and whenever I get the chance I love to do it glad that you didn’t make my first mistake and skin your arm. I’m glad to see that you had fun.

    • I was so glad too, I didn’t make any mistake of skinning my arm… hahaha…
      Thanks to my great Teacher Big Tyty 🙂 I learned so quickly and I really had fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. Makes me so nervous! I felt like you were aiming the arrow at me a couple of times.

  6. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    You are the Warrior Princess. I love the photos, and especially the ones where you are concentrating so intensely. Great shots!

  7. I can’t explain why I find this entire post so charming- but I do. Makes me happy.



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