Tooth Of The Day…26



  1. Dear kind sweet sensitive Mac Giggles!! It’s just like him to apologize to the maid…

    I’m glad to see she brought a pink mop with her. But where is the handle?? And why is she wearing the mop on her head?? Strange…

    Oh, well. I hope she also brought soap, water, disinfectant, industrial-strength cleaner, buckets, a broom, a dustbin, air freshener, and a dumpster. Now if she would just quit dawdling and get to work… : P

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Love this!!! Next time I get an unexpected guest and my house is a mess, I’ll just think, “But I’m an artist!”

  3. Haha Dolly! And you are an artist!! I love how you portray our beloved Markie MacGiggles! The inflated beach ball, the toy dinosaur and the little robot are genius! 😀

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