Tooth Of The Day…30



  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I love these strips, and the way you put an original and humorous spin on a common expression.

  2. Panel #1: Yes, I think I understand the symbolism here: Toothsome is a creative genius. She is, perhaps, the most highly evolved human being on the face of the earth. Compared to her, Mac Giggles is a mental midget– an amoeba– a poor pitiful microbe!! Yes, it makes sense…

    Panel #2: Wait– what’s this?? Mac Giggles suddenly a giant?? Yes… yes! Symbolism again– of course! Some of Toothsome’s power and glory has rubbed off on Mac Giggles!! She has helped him grow as a human being. He is now at least as smart and refined as the average earthworm. Makes sense…

    Panel #3: Look at that sappy look on his face! He worships Toothsome. He’s so grateful to her for teaching him about cartoons, and how to eat donuts one bite at a time, instead of just cramming them into his mouth. He’s trying to say thanks by giving her a little ride. How sweet…

    Panel #4: Arrgghhh! Please tell me she isn’t going to clean the toilet again!!!!! : P

  3. Hi there, I know I am supposed to pick the song theme for music passion. Can you set it up for me. It can be either still or blues, you pick and here is the first song . Sorry I’m not good at setting these things up…LOL. Peace Jaz

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