Tooth Of The Day…31

The Cast:

Okay my dear all folks.  Our first Series of Tooth Of The Day with 31 Episodes/ Strips just ended here.

Thanks to all of you who followed Tooth Of The Day.

I hope all of you guys have enjoyed Toothsome’s journey in the Comic World  🙂

I love you guys!



  1. Tooth Of The Day… it burst upon the scene and reduced every previous comic strip to nothingness!! A work of pure and utter genius!! It knocked people out of their chairs and off their toilets!! For 31 days, the world was a brighter, happier place. People printed out pictures of Mac Giggles and tied them to their toilet brushes. Many people are now cleaning their toilets regularly. Yes, it’s made the world a better place… : P

    And now I’d like to propose a toast. (Please fill a little paper cup with your favorite mouthwash.) “To Dear Toothsome, Queen of Comics– long may she reign!!” (Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle! Swish, swish, swish! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhgrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk-SPLAT!) Excellent, everyone– well done!! : )

    • Mark, my genius comic illustrator and sweet friend… Thanks so much to you 🙂
      I truly appreciate all of your cheers and all of your funny remarks and comments about Tooth Of The Day comic strips… you added more laughters everytime you left a comment in each comic strips. You really are a genius and so natural with your sense of humor that I admire so much. You have inspired me in doing my comic strips 🙂

      • Just wanted to reply here and say I thoroughly enjoyed your TOTD comic, and I mean that sincerely. It’s not easy to do a comic strip, even for a month. Unless one has tried it, one has no idea how much time goes into creating characters, figuring out how they relate to each other, thinking up gags, working out the panel sequence, the dialogue, figuring out how to fit everything in. It’s a huge task, and you did a brilliant job.

        I was also impressed with your backgrounds, and the creative way you framed some of the panels. The above strip is a good example: You’ve got a cool looking-thru-the-window shot in Panel #1, followed by an inside shot of the same scene in Panel #2– it creates a lot more visual interest than just the same exact scene repeated twice. And your first panel is also a wonderful example of a good “teaser” or set-up: the reader thinks: Hmm! What are they talking about?? Where’s this going, eh???

        Congratulations again on your excellent work, and a very successful project. I’m proud to be your apprentice!! : )

        • Oh I am so touched really with your reply and I am honored to have you in my strip and I wish to come up with another series. But not that real soon… hehehe
          Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. Your lots of humor in your comments really have helped me a lot to creating these strips. Your imagination just fit in to my imagination and it just clicked! hahaha
          Hugs and kisses to you my dear friend 🙂 and see you around!

  2. Have done Toothsome…. enjoyed the cast very much in your absence…. xoxoxo

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Just 31 days? But what about September? There’s only 30 days in September. You could manage just 30, couldn’t you?

  4. I always enjoy these 🙂

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