Toothsome Story Game

This is a Game And It Is Quite FUN & Easy 🙂

SO how you play….

I will start out with five words, and then you add five words to what I said, and so on, and so on….

  • You must write, Just 5 Words!
  • Post your five words of the story… add any pictures, comics, or illustrations or anything you would want it appear on your post.
  • Always Link your post to Toothsome Story Game page.
  • Tag one of your blogger friends to continue the story  and then he or she would tag one of her/his blogger friends too, and so on and so forth…  Note: If you wish to tag back the one who tagged you, by all means you can 🙂 but I strongly encourage you to tag other bloggers as well.

Okay guys here are my 5 words:

Since I am the host I would like to tag two of my blogger friends,

 Mark Armstrong



to continue this Toothsome Story using only five words…  and then each of them would tag one among their blogger friends…

Please link your story here: Toothsome Story Game

Note:  If I get lucky, we would have two stories to end by the 30th of October.



  1. Hello Dolly; well hello Dolly
    It’s so nice to have you back where you belong………..
    You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly
    I can tell, Dolly
    You’re still glowing, you’re still crowin’
    You’re still…. goin’ strong…..

    Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong says it all, my sweet friend…
    Yes, I’d love to join in your game….
    Give me a few hours and I’ll see what the fates have in store…. 🙂 😉 🙂

  2. Okey-dokey…

    I’ll add 5 words to Toothsome’s 5 words, like so:

    Once upon a Toothsome day, a truck full of donuts…

    And you can see a very exciting picture of the donut truck here:

    And to continue the story, I tag the very naughty Linda Vernon at : P


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