My 5th Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award like all other awards, has some rules and Sarah quoted: “It is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others — a thing to be valued most highly in a world dominated by negative and destructive reportage.”

The rules of the award are as follows:

  1. Post the sunshine award logo.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer the eight set questions (as listed below).
  4. Hand out awards to other sunny bloggers. And since this is my 5th Sunshine Awards, you can find the details here.
  5. Link to sites of nominees and leave comments to notify them of their awards.

The questions and my answers:

  1. What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Home Alone    and                                                                                                   National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation  
  2. What’s your favourite flower? Rose 
  3. What’s your favourite non-alcoholic beverage? Florida’s Natural Orange Juice  
  4. What’s your favourite passion? Writing, Arts, Music, Fashion
  5. What’s your favourite time of year? Spring
  6. What’s your favourite time of day12 midnight 🙂
  7. What’s your favourite physical activityDancing.
  8. What’s your favourite vacation Summer and Christmas Vacation

Thanks so much Sarah for this Sunshine Award.
You are Superb!
Keep shining my friend 🙂

You can explore her world here:


Pursued by the Muses of prose, poetry, and music.

 Enjoy everyone and have fun blogging!



  1. My favorite part of Home Alone is when Bing Crosby comes down the chimney and sings, “God bless us everyone!”

    Another award?? Huh. What’s really needed down at the Lemons R Us Café are more napkin dispensers!! : P

  2. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. And it’s my absolute pleasure to have passed on this award to someone as sunshiny as you, dear Dolly xxxx
    ‘Home Alone’ is a great film – the burglars were so funny, I was in pain laughing.

  3. Congratulations! Good work

  4. Congratulations. I think this is a vey suitable award for you and your cheerful, sunny blog.

  5. Congrats!

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