Art Game’s Haunted Hotel Got Busted By The Ghostbusters… Thanks To All My Art Game Players :)

Art Game W31- Haunted Hotel Lobby

At the lobby of The Hollywood Tower Hotel, Disneyland Paris, August 2012

Thoughts Of My Brain

Where a ghoul is ready to devour you.

Spoiled Brat

A Corpse Bride to fall in love with…


A blue ghost to haunt you…

Jeff Whelan

and a happy looking purple spider to trick you… 🙂

Would these deadly creatures continue to haunt us?


Oooops! Amazing Fearless Bellboy. ..


OMG! This is nightmare!

But wait! Who just came in?


Thank God! Is that Van Helsing, the notorious monster hunter?

Would this nightmare end now?

Well, it sure did, because


The Ghostbusters busted the deadly creatures in the Art Game’s Haunted Hotel.

And so we are ready for the next game 🙂

See you guys tomorrow!


Art game continues….

This is fun… Come and join us!

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  1. So much fun! The Ghostbusters have a lot of work to do!

  2. Talking about ghostbusters — my son, who’s just finished at Uni and is looking for a job, saw an ad in the local paper by someone who got paid for doing excorcisms and wanted an assistant to go on night-time ghost watches. My son decided against this, as he’s only just got himself into a decent sleep pattern and is also looking for a more steady job with promotion opportunities — although Ghostbuster in Chief does have a certain ring to it. LoL 🙂


  1. […] Art Game’s Haunted Hotel Got Busted By The Ghostbusters… Thanks To All My Art Game Playe… ( […]

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