Music Passion Morning

A Classical “Morning” for Sarah 🙂
Let’s hear her Music Passion…

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Sarah Potter Writes

Courtesy of the inexhaustible Dolly, it’s time for October’s “Music passion” at This month, Carol at has chosen “morning” as her music passion. Thank you, to both lovely ladies, for getting the party rolling.

So here’s my music passion — the English Folk Song, Early One Morning, by that productive but elusive composer, Anon! There’s a great deal of academic argument about its date of composition. Some people claim it’s a Renaissance Song, but most academics think it originates from 1787, which was later in the Classical Music Period.

You can find more information about the song — including two different versions of its lyrics — at

Here, it is sung by the wonderful Greek Singer, Nana Mouskouri, who has sold more than two hundred million records worldwide.

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  1. Are familiar with Adam Hurst? I would love to wake up to this in the morning (well if he was there to it would be a bonus 🙂 )! He composes most of what he plays and it is said he made the instrument he plays himself!

  2. That song was/is totally delightful, both the lyrics and the melodic voice singing same. Thanks for sharing this wonderful reblog from Sarah Potter! 🙂

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