A Gypsy Cello “Morning” Music Passion For Penny

Welcome Penny! We are glad you’d joined us in this Music fun.  The music is instrumental and there’s no “Morning” in it neither its title but

Pennycoho of The Why About This  says:

“Are you  familiar with Adam Hurst? I would love to wake up to this in the morning (well if he was there to it would be a bonus :) )! He composes most of what he plays and it is said he made the instrument he plays himself!”

And here it is guys.  It really is good to wake up with this kind of music.  I love it! I listened to it when I woke up this morning and it stirs up my soul and my inner being that I feel so good afterwards 🙂

So let’s all hear Penny’s Music Passion for this month October Edition “Morning” that is given to us by Carol 

Click to join us in this game! Come on! Tag along with us

and lets all play our Music Passion “Morning”



  1. That is one stunning piece of music. I haven’t heard anything that’s moved me that much in ages. And what a good-looking guy, too. Thanks, Penny, for brightening up my day 🙂

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this gifted artist. I was unfamiliar with him but after listening to the selection you posted, that will definitely change. Great post.

  3. Mysterious and moving. *Thank you.*

  4. Loved listening!


  1. […] Chiftitelli, Ancient music, Gypsy Cello, Frame Drum Loop by Adam Hurst […]

  2. […] Chiftitelli, Ancient music, Gypsy Cello, Frame Drum Loop by Adam Hurst […]

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