Bart The Bear

I don’t know how many cups of coffee we will be drinking today in our cafe siesta because after you’d view the video clip below.  I am sure you’d be so curious about this film about.  Just like when I first viewed it.  I had to find the film or movie about this video clip, of which I did and so I have also posted it here for you to see and enjoy the movie as well.

“Let us by all means save our earth,

so our descendants will marvel at what we marvel”

Grab your coffee with you now and let’s all watch and enjoy the film 🙂

The original title of the film: The Bear / L ‘Ours
Year: 1988
Country: USA, France
Duration: 1:36:23
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Cast: Jack Wallace / Jack Wallace /, Cheques Karyo / Tcheky Karyo /, Andre Luck / Andre Lacomb /
About the film
Among the beautiful and majestic scenery of British Columbia occurred touching story about a bear cub who has lost his mother and left to itself, while the two hunters continue to scour the woods in search of prey.

Fate brings together an orphaned child and a huge wounded bear. Difficult to add up their relationship, but hunters with guns and vicious dogs are much worse. Clash of people and animals is unavoidable.

A movie is in the audience “bearskin” and watching people from the position of the protagonist.


Enjoy The Weekend My Friends!




  1. I’m pretty brave, too, when I see my favorite donuts threatened. I remember once at the Lemons R Us Café, a little old lady tried to get the last Double-Fudge Donut. I was able to leap over three tables, get to the counter, and snatch it just in time!! Good thing for me she was using a walker… : P

    Wonderful to be here drinking coffee and eating donuts and doing my part to save the earth… : )

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  3. well…im a weirdo…in that i dont like coffee that much! endless cups of earl grey tea are quite welcome, tho! really enjoyed looking the videos you have here!

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