Family Bloggers Award

A BIG THANK YOU to my Sweet Friend

Sarah Potter

Writer: fantasy novels for children & adults, haiku & tanka poetry, quirky short stories.
Musician: mezzo soprano in LuxAeterna Early Music Chamber choir & junior choir trainer.

for the love to nominate me with the Family Bloggers Award

Sarah is also one of my contributors in the For The Love Of Haiku of which her haiku won 3x. 
She is also one of  my music lovers in my monthly Music Passion

You would love to see her world just like I do so I invite you all to visit her homepage.

  • There are rules to follow about this award, one is to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Thank you so much Sarah, mmwahh! I luv ya!

  • Using the anagram of the word ‘FAMILY’ tell us the attributes you bring to the family of bloggers. And here goes mine:

Freedom to express yourself, believe in yourself or just Be YOU
Amusement is always present, choosing to be happy and have fun
Meditaion and keeping all vital areas of your life in balance, modern and youthful
Intimacy for everyone, be friendly, understanding and not judgmental
Live to make a life and not just for a living, always be in the moment and keeping adjustment to needs
Yearning to learn, to grow and to give love unconditionally, to care and share…

  • And each one of you here are My Family Of  Bloggers.  I  nominate all of you who are reading this and grab my gift to you here.

Enjoy everyone because
You Are Loved!


  1. Too beautiful. It made me cry. Now my donuts are all soggy… : (

    Oh, well… congratulations!! : )

  2. Great blog. Thanks for the link

  3. Thank you, dearest Dolly, for your lovely comments. And I just love your anagram, as it so absolutely encompasses all the fine attributes of your blog. Wouldn’t it be a perfect world, if every last person treated their family, friends, and neighbours to the same set of holistic ideals? 🙂 xxxx

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