For The Love Of Haiku 13 Update…

Click to see the making of our haiku image for this week :)

yepiratemanagua says:

under a desert sky

home for hearty wanderers

while fools play tennis


touch a cactus

green-eyed dreams will pervade you

 then bang! Thor’s hammer hangover!

AshiAkira says:

Desert far away

How dry known only in dream

Wish to meet friends there

 JohnCommunicates says:

What fool began this

Stand aside I wish to play

Mjolnir will sing

Generally bright
Looking for Georgia O’Keeffe
Hoping she visits:)


 kz says:


Some sleep, some stand by;
Some play the game… Green eyes spy…
But the great ones… FLY.

I call on all Haiku lovers out there to join us and share with us your haiku ingenuity .

Let’s go guys and have fun!


 For more details about this Haiku fun click  the logo above and join us!



  1. Welcome to Saudi
    The fun never stops here at
    Toothsome’s B & B


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