For The Love Of Haiku 14 And Let’s Start Voting For Our Favorite!


Click to see the making of our haiku image for this week 🙂

Esenga’ s Voice   says:

we see what we want…
grumpy faces, danger, falls
or brave and warm hearts

yepiratemanagua says:

skyweb catches dreams

even the biggest dream is a castaway

one day

sarahpotterwrites says:

Rising sea levels.
Please rescue me, Superman,
from this mad planet.

kz says:

The strong will survive
Something they don’t teach in school
Nature’s basic rule

pseudomonaz says:

For fighting demons inside us,

We need to awake,

Our own inner superhero.

–Rick says:

first snowflakes
time to replace this
worn out chair

~ Rick

muZer says:

Hey! Polar Bear

Superman here to rescue

You need not worry

Brook says:

Trouble all over
Poor in spirit feel afraid
Living tree saves them

Family Haikus says:

Gently falling snow
Interrupts chili-infused
Dream meanderings…

Mark Armstrong says:

Trapped on an island

No donuts, just idiots

And now it’s snowing : P

Mary Strong-Spaid says:

Underneath the web
illusions of power play
on thoughts imagined

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and join us!

Please use the comment area to vote your favorite.  The haiku lover who gets a vote or two or more would be the winner for this week FTLOH 14. Merci!

***  Voting ends 12 noon Friday, December 14, 2012



  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I go for pseudomonaz because Wonder Woman resides within me.

  2. They are all wonderful, Dolly…. xoxoxo 😛


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