Let’s all check out Leiulf’s Christmas Music Passion: “The Little Drummer”

About Sound and Vision

Yes, it’s that time again.
Time to ask ourselves what will it take to achieve “Peace On earth?”

While promoting Earthling (which involved Tony Oursler‘s Dummies) in 1997 Conan O’Brien asked David Bowie how he came to be invited to duet with Bing Crosby on his 1976 T.V. show.
Conan – “I wanted to ask you…Ah…There was something that they were playing here in America on MTV “round the clock for a while…and it was…uh something I’ve always wondered about…you singing…ah…Christmas songs with Bing Crosby…
David – Yeah…
Conan – And…and this was something that I guess you probably did in ’76 sometime around then?
David – Yeah…
Conan – What was that like cause it’s such a strange thing to look at…you’re…you’re almost polar opposites in some way…and there you are together singing these Christmas songs. Do you remember doing this and what it was like?

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