The Most Likeable Haiku Are Here…. February 18 To December 26, 2012

Congratulation To All Haiku Lovers And Here They Are 🙂

February 18, 2012 :FTLOH-1  FierceBuddhist says:

“This is Wabash”
car fills with menagerie
“doors closing”

March 17, 2012: FTLOH-2  Lisa Summerlin says:

Explosion of Earth

Strange beings all around me

Mystery surrounds

April 21, 2012: FTLOH-3 sarahpotterwrites says:

The silly season…

Buddha just sees still water

in a world gone mad.

 May 19, 2012: FTLOH-4  sarahpotterwrites says:

Unicorn disguised:

too risky to ride the seas

white-coated and horned.

 June 23, 2012: FTLOH-5   silentlyheardonce says :

World of mystery

Creatures of the blue unite

in utopia

July 21, 2012: FTLOH- 6 carolynpageabc says:

Yes love, dinner’s here!

frogs legs, aliens, na,na

And a marinade!

(oh, gruesome!)

  September 22, 2012: FTLOH-7  sarahpotterwrites says:

Glam time traveller.

Cheesed off with Georgian cuisine,

she’s nicked a hot dog.

 October 27, 2012: FTLOH-8  sarahpotterwrites says:

UK ruled by ghouls–
the Coalition unmasked.
Military coup.

 November 3,2012: FTLOH-9  yepiratemanagua says:

never let me go

she said in her dream to me

but it was too late

 November 10, 2012: FTLOH-10  Esenga’ s Voice  says:

who said real men don’ t cry
masks fall suddenly

November 17, 2012: FTLOH-11  Esenga’ s Voice says:

more consternation
love is not just in the air
do loud words matter…

November 24, 2012: FTLOH-1Esenga’ s Voice   says:

thrust, brakes and station

lone rat dreams to be rabbit

life frozen in time

 December 1, 2012: FTLOH- 13   kz says:


Some sleep, some stand by;
Some play the game… Green eyes spy…
But the great ones… FLY.

 December 8. 2012:  FTLOH 14 Esenga’ s Voice   says:

we see what we want…
grumpy faces, danger, falls
or brave and warm hearts

 December 15, 2012: FTLOH- 15 yerpirate says:

childhood and first love
melt faster than a snowman
-never let the bubbles burst

 December 22, 2012: FTLOH- 16    sarahpotterwrites says:

Don’t poison that mouse!

A rodent fattened on cheese–

Kitty’s dream dessert.

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