Together As One… A Family Bonding

Just in time on my birthday today 🙂 Here is the video about my holiday with my kids that I promised I’d share with you guys!

(Not all activities were able to include in this video though… so stay tune for the part 2…  )

Surely a smile with you up to the end… hehehe 🙂 Have fun and enjoy watching!

  •  For better viewing please watch in You Tube and click ‘LIKE’ too 🙂 Merci!


The Casts
The Main Casts

DOLLY…               TAHLLIY…            CHLLY…                   JOLLY…                     DEU




The Drop-Dead Gorgeous Cat In Philippines :)… and soon to be My June Muse.


Thanks for watching 🙂 I love you guys!


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  1. My favorite part was clicking on the start button and getting a message which said this video has been blocked because none of people in it remembered to floss their teeth first and they all look disgusting. Whew! So glad it was blocked… : P

  2. Hi Dolly, That amazing lady at Silently Heard Once has mentioned me as an Influential Blogger. In order to accept it, I must choose my own Influential Bloggers – and you are one of the most influential I know. I hope you will accept and name your own choices. Congratulations on your wonderful blog.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I did try to watch the video. But, like another reader mentioned above, it was blocked in this country.

  4. You are so lucky to have such talented children that love you so much. Thank you for sharing the vido, it made me smile. Oh, and happy belated birthday.

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    Unable to watch but I love the pics. You have a beautiful family. thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Lovely kids and Great family God bless you all .

  7. I couldn’t watch 😦 error message that it was blocked in my country.

  8. I’m one day late, but happy birthday, anyway! Am sure you had a blast

  9. That was such an uplifting and energising experience watching that video. What a lovely family 🙂
    Wishing you a really, really, really happy birthday, dear dolly xox

  10. Happy Happy!!!!! And hope you had a super birthday! Love love love!

  11. Best. Holiday. Video. Ever!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOLLY!!! Great kids… what a treat. Dru is ‘too cool for school’… but what happened to his name? Did you run out of ‘Ys? hhahahahahahaha…..

    • Hehehehe…. those are our nick names 🙂 You wouldn’t believe it if I tell you our real names… each of us has 2 and longer names…. hahahha
      Thanks Teds, I’m glad you enjoyed watching our funny family bonding video and thanks for the greeting too! mmwahhh 🙂

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  14. Fun, fun and more fun, Dolly….! 🙂
    What great kids you have… xoxoxo

    • Thanks Carol…xoxo… I am glad, you were able to watch the video… Some states in the US could not watch it… I sent to my sister who lives in Riverside CA. She said the video was blocked for some copyright issues… But my kids fixed it up… I hope this time others could watch this family fun video too… hahahha

  15. Hi Dolly I shall will watch video next week as I am away right now.

  16. Dolly… Awww… apparently, the video you made won’t show in the USA due to copyright issues…. too bad, I really would have loved to have seen it…. oh well… I’m sure you all had a great time…. 🙂

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